The Beginners Guide to Surrender–in 6 Simple Steps

Surrender is NOT for sissies.  Surrender, by definition, means relinquishing control…a frightening concept for us control freaks.  Surrender drops you swiftly into a sea of uncertainty, at the mercy of your worst fears, producing serious doubts about ever being productive again. I’m speaking from experience here.

But, despite the discomfort, I’m fast becoming a fan.  Something happened when I stopped struggling to impose my will and surrendered to receiving guidance–financial success started to feel like a spiritual journey.

Primitive cultures and Eastern Religions had rites and rituals to honor the Time- Between. They took their people out of the villages, into the wilderness, allowing them to connect with their spirit guides, reassess old ways of being, recognize their true purpose.

But no one teaches us, or even encourages, this practice any more.

So, for those of you wishing to take some time out in a rich and rewarding way, I bring you The Beginners Guide to Surrender ( so named because it’s written by a total beginner…me!).  There’s no need to leave your village, or even your job. Just follow these 6 simple (though not easy) steps.

Step #1—Eliminate everything but the most essential.


I remember saying to my guy last winter, “I wish I could take the next month off!”

“Why don’t you?” he responded.

I gasped. Taking time off was unthinkable.  Or was it?  I decided to ease into it slowly, by saying ‘no’ to things that didn’t feed my soul, no matter how lucrative…or tempting.  I said ‘no’ to speaking invitations, ‘no’ to networking opportunities, ‘no’ to new clients, ‘no’ to writing my newsletter and blog.  If anyone asked, I was on sabbatical until further notice.  I continued a little teaching and coaching, but only because I wanted to.

As a result I was left with a lot of down-time…which, of course, is the whole point.

But to many, down-time is a dirty word. And I know why:  we’ll do anything to avoid the dreaded step two.

Coming up: Step #2—Allow uncomfortable feelings to surface.


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Comments & Feedback

  • Oh it’s like you wrote this for me only!
    I am only saying yes to juicy things.
    It’s so hard for me to sit still though.
    So I have to remind myself daily about the surrender.
    Love you Barbara!

  • Amy elias

    Dear Barbara,

    We have chatted onfacebook before an di shared i saw you on y our priemeier with regena when you received your boa!

    I am so in desire to connect. As i feel we can grow a fierce grace module to all this…the Truth of the Present Moment.

    My phone is 516.369.3171

    Amy elias, MS
    Founder, WHIP It! Productions
    Where Wisdom, Health, Integrity and Passion Merge

  • Barbara,
    This is so wonderful–and with the picture! I did this for the first time this early spring in Northern New Hampshire and it was much harder to stop worrying than give up coffee! Thank you. Can’t wait for step 2.

    • thanks so much, Kate. I think this is my favorite of all my blogs!! I keep rereading it myself!!!! Surrendering is NOT about giving up worrying…it’s about going intothe worry and see what it’s trying to tell you. Try it and let me know what happens!

  • Dear Barbara,

    You told me to grieve the loss of my son. I’m doing that.It is confusing because in Creation we are supposed to try to sparkle and be so positive. Can you clarify how these two things fit? I still would like to have a buddy since mine didn’t respond to me.I don’t really feel like I am keeping up with the course. But I did sign up for a course on producing your own show.

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