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Taking Your Power Back

Check if any of these apply to you:

  • You’re angry, but don’t say anything.
  • You’d like to say ‘no,’ but you can’t.
  • You want something, but don’t ask for it.
  • You get an idea but don’t act on it.

If you’ve checked even one, it’s a sign you’re giving your power away. And I promise, you’re not alone.

The question is: Why are so many women reluctant to say what we think, feel, or need? 

Mostly, to avoid conflict. We’re afraid if we take a stand, we’ll be rejected, disliked, or disapproved of. Instead, we water ourselves down so as not to make waves.

Over time, such acts of self-betrayal destroys our self-esteem, our level of success and quality of life.

Good news! If you can give your power away, you can also take it back. How? 3 Steps.

  1. Ask yourself the Power Question—What do I want? Not what does my husband, or kids or boss or society wants. What do I want? This isn’t a question we’ve often asked, so it may take time to answer.
  2. Look for opportunities to say no to what you don’t want, ask for what you do want, and express what you feel and think. If this is new, it will be very uncomfortable. Do your best.
  3. Get support. Seek out people to be cheerleaders, sounding boards and role models. We women need support when things are scary. And risking backlash can be very scary. But when you think about it…self-betrayal is even scarier.

I’d love to hear where you’ve given your power away…and how you took it back! Leave me a comment below.

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