Sweet (?) Surrender

You may have noticed. There’s been a big gap between my last blog and this one. What a perfect metaphor!!

For months now, I’ve been literally living in the Gap.  Last December, I ended one phase of my life (my business partnership) but to date, haven’t begun the next phase (still being determined).

However, instead of forcing things into focus, I decided to consciously Surrender. Allow the future to unfold at its own pace, in its preferred direction.

This is not a tact I’d normally take.   I’m a go-getter kind of gal.   Surrender, to me, had negative connotations, something to be avoided by anyone with any ambition. Or at least that’s what I thought…

…until I began interviewing women who made millions. Making millions was my new goal, and the idea for my next book.  In the course of those conversations, however, I stumbled on a startling revelation.

Every woman I interviewed experienced a sort of limbo, or ‘time-between,’ just before she started making millions. They all described spending somewhat lengthy periods in the unknown, tolerating (though not enjoying) the uncertainty, allowing things to fall apart without rushing to put them back together

I saw how these Time-Outs served an essential role in their eventual triumphs because they used them, as one woman put it, “to regroup and come back stronger.”

These Surrender Points were often precipitated by an outside event—anything from a painful loss to a life threatening illness—though sometimes, the women themselves deliberately chose to step off the grid. I much preferred to follow in the latter’s footsteps… surrender and regroup–by design, not default.  It’s been quite a ride!

I intend to use my blog, at least for a bit, to explore this whole notion of surrender, share my experiences with you, and most of all, hear from those of you who’ve done something similar.

I’m beginning to think it’s time we stop avoiding the void.

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  • Great to see you posting! YES to surrendering! I talked about it in my post this morning as well.

  • Barbara,
    I think you’re onto something. Could it be that we need what those spring bulbs require? Incubation before the beautiful flower!

  • Barbara,

    I just read your newsletter and love what you wrote. I fight those periods when it feels like nothing is happening, but I’m working on it through meditation and being mindful. Practicing these things gives me pause and time to reflect. Thank you. Kristina

  • Barbara, I relate so much to what you said. I like to call it the pause. I also left my business partnership and studying to be a Life Cycle Celebrant. Letting go and rebuilding. I teach meditation and it is all in the being in the moment and letting life take its natural flow and keeping open to the silence so we can listen. I hear you and wish you joy on your new ride. Im going out today to get your book. I discovered you from Omegas catalog.
    Namaste, Debbie

    • Thanks so much, Debbie! The funny thing I’m learning about surrender…it’s not an event, it’s a way of life. Just when I think I’m done and ready to move on…I get subtle reminders to stay in the flow rather than force the current. I so appreciate your reassuring words.

  • Kate Gerry

    Hi Barbara,

    This is really wonderful to read – and such perfect timing. Thank you! I’ve been reading your book ‘Six Figure Women’ and you know, I just kept wishing that I had more time to read it, to ‘immerse’ myself for a few hours… giving myself fully to completing the exercises as I go.

    Well, funny thing, ‘surrender’: I was sitting on a train last night, that suddenly came to a stop – in the middle of nowhere. All the signals further up the line had failed, there was no news of when we were going to get going again. Instead of getting caught up in the frustration that began surrounding me in the carriage, I sat there like a little child, with your book in my hand, and thought ‘This is just wonderful! Thank you so much!’. I sat, and surrendered to this gorgeous gift of unexpected time that had opened up, and read for three solid hours… delightful! It felt like such a treat.

    I just had to come onto your website this morning and read more…

    I love what you write about purpose Barabara – it really ‘sings’ to my heart. And what you mean about ‘limbo’ – I really recognise your description of what that feels like. I feel there now: being careful of my time, knowing it’s a real ‘gestation’, something is being created, that’s opening up in it’s own time. I don’t need to rush it, all is exactly as it needs to be. It’s exciting, and also feels strange… But ‘right’ somehow.

    Thank you for what you write Barbara – it’s truly life-changing!

    Warmest wishes,


    PS; Last night, I did eventually get home (the train did get moving again) – and my husband is now reading your book! (He’s one of the really supportive ones!!) Fantastic.

  • Kate, thanks so much for your warm and enthusiastic post. So thrilled to have you visiting my blog…delighted you like my book (hubby’s reading it too…wow!)…and appreciate so much that you took time to write. Great train story!!!! Do you know about the Sacred Success Retreat I’m giving next month in Baltimore? If it sounds like something you resonate with…I’d love to have you join me…it’d be fun to meet.

    Again, thanks for dropping by and leaving a message!!!

    • Kate Gerry

      Hi Barbara, Thank you so much for your lovely reply. The Sacred Success Retreat sounds just AMAZING. I’m particularly called by:

      Leave the week-end clear about your own path to Greatness!
      …following your soul’s path, for your own bliss and the benefit of others, while being richly rewarded.

      Ooh yes, that resonates very much! I’m sitting here wondering how it would be possible to be there with you… (everything is possible after all!) – it’s just not looking like it’s this time around at the moment (!) I have commitments right round those dates (including flying out to (Western) Canada at the end of the month for another programme I’m attending – I’m in the UK). The seed is very much sown however… and I definitely look forward to connecting more over the coming months…

      I’m looking into the ‘Intro Call to Sacred Success’ as a possible alternative… only just read about that tonight.

      Thanks Barbara, it makes my heart sing to be here!

      Warmest thoughts,


      • So happy you resonated with Sacred Success, Kate. But if it doesn’t work out for you to be there, I totally understand. I tend to trust that when things are right, doors open…and when it’s not, it’s just not! I really hope that someday we get to meet. Until then, I hope you get my newsletter…it’s free if you sign up for the ‘inner circle club’…Thanks again for your wonderful posts!

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