$uccess As a Spiritual Practice

Deepak Chopra once said, “We need a more spiritual approach to success and to affluence.”

I couldn’t agree more.

I even coined a word to describe this approach: Metafiscal–that which blends financial know-how with metaphysical principles; a melding of the sacred and the mundane in regards to money.

You don’t have to be religious to be Metafiscal. I’m certainly not. But something happens when you develop a deep sense of trust in the inexplicable forces of the Universe.

The moment you invite the Divine into your relationship with the ‘almighty dollar,’ your experience with money grows deeper, richer, more meaningful. It did for me, all those many years ago.

When I stopped thinking of financial success as solely a practical process, I began treating it as a sacred practice. That’s when things started changing dramatically.

Instead of money being a constant source of stress and distraction, it turned into a powerful tool for pursuing my Soul’s purpose, for living the life of my dreams.

There’s no doubt in my mind. When financially successful women reach critical mass, we will have the resources, the values, the vision and the sensitivity to heal this planet, and save this world.

Clearly, the time has come! This world desperately needs more economically empowered women.

Are you ready to be among them? Leave me a comment below.

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Meet Barbara Huson

When a devastating financial crisis rocked her world, Barbara Huson knew she had to get smart about money… and she did. Now, she wants to empower every women to take charge of their money and take charge of their lives! She’s doing just that with her best-selling books, life changing retreats and private financial coaching.

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