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Stuck Points Suck…Or Do They?

I always hated those times I felt stuck. No matter how long they lasted, or how quickly they passed, these were always very dark, dreaded periods.

But that was before I realized: every Stuck Point has a purpose.

I was in the gym, working out with a new trainer, about to do a chest press with no added weight. I lay flat on my back, grabbed the bar, pushed it high above my body, lowered it to just above my chest, then lifted it back up, repeating the exercise 12 times.

No problem. It was easy.

Then my trainer added 5 pound weights to each end of the bar. I felt the difference immediately.

By the second repetition, my arms were quivering. The third time I lowered the bar to my chest, it wouldn’t budge.

I strained. I struggled. I was clearly stuck. My ego felt deflated. My trainer saw it differently.

“That’s how you build muscles,” he explained, “by getting past the stuck point.”

In the next couple of weeks, I could do 12 reps without flinching. But rather than let me bask in my glory, my trainer added more weight.

And sure enough, I was instantly at a new stuck point.

At that moment, the weights became an obvious metaphor for life.

Getting past my stuck points helped me grow stronger, build confidence and experience higher levels of achievement.

When I got past my stuck points I discovered new possibilities I could never have predicted.

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