STOP What You’re Doing…NOW!!!

I once read a Wall Street Journal interview with George Schultz, former Secretary of State. He recalled running into Steve Job’s wife at a party.

When he asked where her husband was, she responded: “Oh, Steve’s taking six months off to think.”

Taking time off has long been respected by creative geniuses, primitive cultures and Eastern religions.

But few in our society teach, or even encourage, this practice any more. To many, down-time is a dirty word. And I know why.

Without endless activity, we’re left with empty space. And empty space gives rise to painful feelings.

Fear, self-doubt, anger, jealously, shame—all those vicious demons we’ve been artfully dodging—will inevitably rear their ugly heads. Rather than experience the pain, we fill up the spaces.

However, demons dodged, emotions repressed, and fears not faced will continue to thrive. They will intensify, sapping our power and producing self destructive behaviors.

But expose them to light, embrace their existence, and inevitably they’ll dissipate, losing their potency, if not evaporating entirely.

Essentially, our demons are the wounded parts of ourselves longing for love, aching to be heard and healed. As they say in psychotherapy circles—to heal, you must feel.

As counter intuitive as it sounds, periods of surrender, moments spent in stillness, are critical for achieving wealth and well-being.

What wounded parts of yourself need a hug? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Cynthia Mosser

    This is a beautiful passage Barbara.
    6 months of to just “be” sounds delightful.
    I am OK with feeling my trauma and working through it.
    What parts of me would like a hug? The part about making asks. My asking self would like a hug.

  • Lisa

    I literally had to hold myself the other week when I realized that my parents who I have been estranged from for 12+ years are highly manipulative people who really did dismiss my feelings growing up. I didn’t imagine it! How on earth did I survive that???? 😢

    The good new is I’m now 47 and in charge now! I’m taking care of that little girl and I’ve also received a lot of training and self development from some of the best in the business, so I know how to handle dad now! I handle him the way my mentor handled serial killers and it works!

  • barbara huson

    You’re a strong woman, Lisa. It’s really tough growing up with our feelings ignored! So glad you’re taking care of yourself and your little girl by getting the best help you could find! Thanks for sharing.

  • Pernille

    Stress and depression has left me out of a job for several years while I have been growing personally to become “true to myself” and been working intensely to acknowledge and honor who I really am. I feel that I am in a strong position now personally and professionally but I don´t feel worthy of money. To be my seen for who I really am and valued for exactly that – it what really needs a hug!

    Thank you for asking!

    • Lisa


      If I’ve learned anything from following Barbara’s work for 15+ years, I’ve learned, there is no truer way to be “true to yourself” than with money. All my values are reflected by it.

      Tomorrow I’m paying my $90 aqua aerobics fee for 15 lessons. There’s nothing more I value than effortlessly getting in shape by jumping up an down in the water while listening to bad hits from the 1980’s with a group of wonderful women!

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