Somebody’s Got To Say No!!!

Put me on record for saying NO!

NO to the way the “Old Boys” are playing!   No to the mess they got us in (and not just in the financial sector).

But I’m also saying “YES!” (No point dwelling on the downside.)

YES to the other game I learned from interviewing women making millions. These women achieved mega success playing a very different game from what the world (read: men) models.

It’s the game I’ve come to call Scared Success™.  It’s the game we women (and many enlightened men) were born to play!

What breaks my heart, however, is that too many of us futilely struggle to follow the old rules, without realizing we have another option.

Briefly, here’s 6 differences between the Male Model and the Feminine Formula (which is the basis for Scared Success™ ).

Male Model                                                                           Feminine Formula

1.  Pursue Profit for Profit’s sake 1. Pursue Profit for a Higher Purpose
2.  Push Yourself (and Everyone Else) 2.  Respect Yourself (and Everyone Else)
3.  Plan and Control 3.  Surrender, Allow Uncertainty
4.  Display Entitlement 4.  Exercise Mental Discipline
5.  Create Teams, Control Them 5.  Create Teams, Inspire Them
6.  Leave a Personal Monument to Your Name 6.  Leave a Legacy for the World


In my next blog, I’ll give you the specific ground rules for applying the Feminine Formula to the new game Scared Success™ . Meanwhile, I’m really curious what you think about these differences. Please comment below.


Comments & Feedback

  • I love these comparisons between the masculine model and feminine and agree completely that it is by embracing these inherently feminine qualities that things will start to shift for the good!

  • Laura


    I love the Feminine vs. Masculine comparisons however, #3 “surrender, allow uncertainty” scares me a bit. Don’t you agree that we need to plan SOME things in life? Without a plan, how can one have a successful business, or accomplish any goals?

  • Wanda

    “No” always means a “yes” somewhere! Yeah for women….

  • m

    “Surrender, Allow Uncertainty”

    I don’t think some of us ladies, who had fathers who sabotaged us, and who don’t have husbands willing to protect us, are necessarily in a position to do this.

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