Shifting from Financial Misery to Financial Miracles in 3 Steps

I spent much of my adult life in financial turmoil. Even as I learned more about money, I still felt out of control. Then everything changed.

The answer didn’t come from a financial text, but a spiritual one, A Course in Miracles.

From the Course I learned that we have “two thought systems” or two distinct “voices” in our head:

  • The voice of Fear (the Ego).
  • And the voice of Love (the Soul).

The Soul and the Ego have conflicting agendas. Thus, they produce dramatically different results–either miracles or misery.

You cannot follow two masters,” the Course warns. “There is no compromise between the two.”

My financial life radically shifted as I began to recognize their differing agendas.

The Ego’s job is to keep us safe. A job it learned very early in life, when our survival depended on getting love, approval, and attention. The Ego is all about instilling fear as a means of self-protection.

But know this: what helped us survive as a child will suffocate us as an adult.

The Soul’s job is to make sure we soar. The Soul, which gets its marching orders directly from God, pushes us to do what we’re here to do—which is usually way outside our comfort zone.

Up till then, I had no idea my resistance to managing money was my Ego’s misguided effort to protect me.

Mustering up the courage to ignore from my Ego and heed my Soul—though terrifying at first—moved me out of misery and into miracles. It will do the same for you.

Here are 3 steps for plugging into your Soul. They require persistent practice. It’s truly a lifelong challenge.

  1. Observe your feelings. Frustration, tightness, anxiety, fear, inadequacy, needing to control…all signs you’re in Ego (which always speaks first, screams loudest and never shuts up.)
  2. Don’t try to stifle the Ego. That’s part of its devious plan. The Ego depends on distractions such as busyness & other addictions to prevent you from surrendering to silence.
  3. Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, relax. Your Soul, which is quiet but tenacious, needs you to be still and listen. Only in stillness can you make out its muted whispers, its sacred wisdom, its loving guidance.

What is your Soul calling you to do? Leave me a comment below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Lisa

    My soul voice is telling me I need to stop going into avoidance and face something I’ve been avoiding doing like the plague!

    My ego has been avoiding it, because it knows it might open Pandora’s box and cause a couple of sleepless nights and big bags under my eyes. My ego would prefer to go to the beach and forget about it.

    My soul is wise and knows these types of issues rarely just go away at the beach. They fester and bleed into other parts of life.

    My soul would like me to handle it slowly and carefully this weekend and twist anything negative I’m feeling into something as positive as possible and to use “I” statements.

    My soul is urging me not to make any plans, do any tasks or make any promises. She is asking me to slowly and carefully work on this while being kind to myself without going into avoidance.

  • Lisa

    I expected a sleepless night or two, but I didn’t expect to get so physically sick, I could barely walk from the bedroom to the bathroom. The good news is I started!

    • barbara huson

      Oh no…I’m so sorry to hear you actually got sick. You must have had a hell of a lot of resistance. Which makes is extra special cool that you had the courage to keep going, not give up, and do it!!! Kudos to you! that’s awesome.

  • Lisa

    So strange,

    Until now, I haven’t caught a cold until 2019! I was one of those weirdos who stayed healthy while everyone around me was coming down with Covid. I believe it has to do with facing something I’ve been resisting.

    • barbara huson

      That’s pretty impressive that you haven’t had a cold in 4 years. I wouldn’t call you a weirdo. I’d call you lucky! And I’m right there with you…it probably has a lot to do with facing your fear! Thanks for sharing this. You inspire me.

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