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Reinventing Normal

I’m hearing the same thought from numerous sources. Once the pandemic has passed, don’t expect a return to normal. Life as we’ve known it will never be the same.

That can feel scary. Indeed, uncertainty is frightening. But what if the current crises is not to be feared? What if we welcomed it as a much-needed wake-up call?

I’m reminded of a 2019 Ted Talk by Ashweetha Shetty. Though her subject was education, her words feel eerily prophetic.

 “All of us are born into a reality we blindly accept,” she said, “until something awakens us and a new world opens up.”

I’m wondering if that’s what’s happening now. “Something” (Spirit. perhaps) is trying to awaken us to other possibilities—possibilities other than the reality we’ve “blindly accepted.”

What if we all used this time in isolation to imagine the new normal we’d love to create? What if we reimagine a future unlike the past?

Think about the life you crave, not the one you live. Consider the legacy you wish to leave. Allow your imagination to run wild, to dream audaciously. Make it fun, as if you’re a child playing make-believe.

Notice if your thoughts tell you it’s not practical or even plausible. Know that’s your brain defaulting to old neuropathways.  Resist the urge to acquiesce.

Instead, trust this is your intended future yearning to emerge. Allow the ideas to sink into your psyche. Adopt them as your new story.

Repeat this story often (especially when tempted to tell your old one). Focus on it in meditation. Visualize it as you fall asleep.

Rest assured. This new story is not some grandiose tale told by your insecure Ego, but guidance from your loving Soul, urging you to step into your Greatness, shining your light in a world steeped in darkness.

Tell me about your new normal—the one you’d love to start living.  Share in the comments below as if it’s already a reality.

Comments & Feedback

  • Ann

    Love the quote— awakening to our new reality. — all alone together. Thanks!

  • Lisa


    I loved your call yesterday! Thanks to the pandemic, I was able to attend your class after following your newsletters for 12 years!

    One of the conversations was so raw and candid that it nearly made me cry I thought it was so awesome that she paid back all her debt a couple of months before losing her job! ‍♀️ Losing a job after nearly paying back debt would have been worse!

    I loved what you taught about getting used to wanting things, even if it’s just a muffin! That’s actually a core principle of feminine energy called “desire digging“ . When women don’t chase what they want in life they tend to get very unhappy.

    Literally off to get muffin now!

  • barbara huson

    What wonderful comments, Lisa. I’m delighted to know you enjoyed the call. I too was very moved by how “raw and open” so many were. That’s what I love about women gathering together to share and support. It always touches me deeply.

    You taught me a new expression that I love: desire digging. Thank you. And your last sentence made me laugh out loud! I so appreciate you taking the time to write!!!

    • Lisa

      Thanks, Barbara!

      The moist apple cinnamon muffins are the bomb!

      The dynamic between that caller and her boss sounded like a text book case of power harassment!

      Usually a boss can sense an employee is a little bit introverted or shy. Instead of mentoring them, they steam roll over the top of them!

      The good thing about starting a new job is that you start with a new slate!!!!!

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