Problems? Show Some Gratitude!

People often ask me what were the biggest surprises I had when interviewing successful women. This is definitely one.

I never expected how many told me they were actually grateful for past tribulations.

In fact, most admitted, they might never have succeeded had they not been challenged. They considered their past problems an asset and, even more, they appreciated themselves for tackling them head on.

The power of gratitude derives from a universal law: you draw to yourself that which you dwell on.

 If you complain about all the difficulties you encounter and stuff going wrong, don’t be surprised if everything does.

What if instead you made a deliberate effort, when life hands you lemons, to find the blessings in the batch of bitter fruit? Imagine how your attitudes would change, and your reality with it.

If you appreciate what you have, you cannot, at the same time, resent what you don’t. A simple thank you turns your attention from problems to possibilities.

What blessings have you found in your challenges? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Lisa

    Recently I had to dredge up my past. It felt incredibly unpleasant to face; yucky, messy, weird, embarrassing, confronting, revealing and sometimes regrettable.

    Yet, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate how far I’ve come as a person and how free I feel without anybody trying to steamroll over the top of me, dominate me, control me, manipulate me or penetrate my inner bubble of piece, self confidence and purpose.

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