Problems Are Your Starting Points

I saw it so clearly, when interviewing successful women. Their financial achievement was invariably preceded by a financial challenge.

Problems have a purpose. They’re trying to get our attention.

The place to begin when faced with a problem is admitting what’s not working in your life. It could be anything from bankruptcy or burn out; from feeling undervalued or overworked; from getting a divorce, or desperately wanting one.

No matter how subtle, how small, or how sizable and scary, your willingness to face the problem head on the first step to breaking through it.

Facing a problem means looking it straight in the eye, even if you haven’t a clue what to do about it…especially if you haven’t a clue.

Face it without shame, blame or judgment. Face it even without a solution in sight. Face it knowing that by addressing the problem, you’re heading straight to success.

Once you realize your problems are purposeful, they need no longer be painful.

Once you stop seeing them as stumbling blocks, you can start using them as stepping-stones.

Indeed, the moment you stop waiting and start acting, you have the opportunity to walk through a doorway to a richer, fuller, more abundant life.

It all boils down to this. Looking fear in the face is like throwing water on fire. Eventually, the intensity will dissipate, the fear will die down and you can boldly move forward.

What problems do you consistently run into and what do you think they are trying to teach you? Leave me a comment below.

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