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Prince Charming Isn’t Coming—But 2024 Can Still Be Your Year of Wealth!

Take a guess. What’s the most popular new year’s resolution for 2024? Yep, you got it. According to a variety of sources from Forbes to CNBC, we all want more money.

As a wealth coach, it’s the #1 reason women have come to me for over 30 years. “I need more money,” they tell me.

“It’s so simple,“ I tell them. “All you have to do is spend less, save more, invest wisely.” 

“But I need to make more,” they tell me.

Then I explain that wealth doesn’t come from what you earn, but from what you keep, which requires following those 3 steps.

But I’m the first to admit; while the steps may be simple and straight forward, actually putting them into practice can be extremely challenging.

There’s something far more profound than 3 simple steps at play. It’s about who you have to become– the internal changes you must make–to stick to those steps and generate wealth.

It requires you to give up being a dependent child, to stop looking for Prince Charming and become a woman who is no longer a victim but one who owns her power.

Creating more money forces you to step outside your comfort zone into the unknown, beyond the safety of the familiar and predictable.

It requires you to defy your early programming and cultural conditioning, no longer playing small to please others.

When seen in this light, creating wealth is far more than a practical process. It’s a transformational journey. A journey that takes courage–enormous courage– especially for women.

Think about it. Historically, men have been groomed to be breadwinners and risk takers. In fact, the entire financial industry was created by men for men and consistently fails to address the needs of women or our differences from men.

If you find this idea intriguing, I’d love for you to join me at a Free Virtual Event on January 18—Investing: Men vs Women. I’ll explain these differences and how you can successfully, confidently create wealth, as a woman!!! I’ll give you the information that will let you start the year on a strong financial footing, as the powerful woman you were born to be. Click here to join me.

Does thinking about investing make your brain fog up? Tell me why in the comments.

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  • Lisa

    Yes 🙌 It’s not your net income, it’s your net worth that matters! Every year is getting easier for me, however I still freeze up a little bit before making the final transaction. I feel peace of mind afterwards though.

    Don’t wait to save or invest! Saving a little somethin somethin is better than absolutely nothing. It accumulates and you can increase it by a little bit more every year!

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