If you’re not where you want to be financially, consider this. Your difficulties may have little, if anything, to do with money, but your fear of or ambivalence about power…because you don’t understand true power.

Basically, there are 3 kinds of power:

1. Power Over (Domination)

2. Power With (Collaboration)

3. Power-From-Within (Dominion).

The drawback with the first two is that exercising power depends on others cooperating.

True, authentic power derives from the 3rd—Power-From-Within (a term coined by feminist author, Starhawk)—which comes from your mind.

When you understand how to control your thoughts (vs trying to control other people), you’ll discover the immense power you have, regardless of what’s going on ‘out there.’

“By harnessing the transformational power of the mind,” declares renown neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz “you have the power to change the physical structure of the brain.”

Neuroscience has proven the power of mind. But the best tutorial on mind training or exercising Power-From-Within comes from A Course in Miracles.

“Your ability to redirect your thinking,” the Course explains “is the most powerful device that was ever given you for change.”

Few people understand this power, the Course admits and then warns us: “You do not guard your thoughts carefully enough. There are no idle thoughts. All thinking produces form at some level.”

So beware, the Course cautions. “Whenever you feel even a shred of fear or any uncomfortable sensation, consider it a valuable warning that you’re following the wrong thought system.”

Discomfort means you’re following your fearful Ego, which always generates more fear and misery. Instead, shift to the loving, but quiet, guidance of your Soul.

Every time you view an experience through the adoring eyes of your Soul rather than your frightened Ego, your world will miraculously change.

Simply put: True power doesn’t come from what you do, but how you think. Can you think of a time when you consciously changed your thinking and changed the outcome of a situation? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Robin

    My mother was scared to death of bees. She almost crashed the car with us in it because a bee flew in. I decided that I would respond differently and trained myself to be calm whenever a bee was near me. It is a powerful testament to what the course in miracles teaches. Thank you for the opportunity to re-member this truth🙏

    • barbara huson

      What a great story, Robin…and a beautiful example of the power of controlling your mind . Well done! Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

  • Lisa

    I remember a time when I was laser focused on “him” and what he was or was not doing! I would vent about him to a few friends for hours on walks, which in hindsight was such a passive aggressive Princess thing to do when it’s about something or someone that’s so sacred.

    My thinking changed when I got so tired of feeling lost, unclear and wishy washy about life and my relationship improved when I consciously decided to pull all my energy off “him” and put it all on myself for a couple of years.

    I started to think about tiny little things like what kind of air am I breathing to what would be the ideal breakfast to eat everyday. Also, what kind of things do I really value and how much does this all cost! “He” started to feel safer around me and I appreciated what he did for us when I was out there earning it. I think I brought more joy into his life and he found ways to help me.

    Basically went from being a prissy, entitled Princess to the queen of my own world 🌎

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