Please…Stop Settling for Less When You Deserve More!

Let me ask you a question. When are you going to stop settling for less and start opting for more?

And, believe me, this isn’t just about money. When you decide to raise your sights financially, something profound will occur.

You’ll not only increase your income, but you’ll unearth your true essence. That’s what happened for me and I’ve repeatedly heard the same from others.

The successful woman I’ve interviewed often spoke more animatedly about their private awakening than their financial advancement, about breaking through the boundaries that had limited not only their livelihood, but their entire existence.

Numerous psychologists have told me that the amount people earn indicates how they feel about themselves, like a mirror reflecting back their level of self-worth.

But I’m not clear which came first. Did people make more because they felt good about themselves, or did they feel good about themselves because they were paid more?

Many of those I interviewed reported that as their earnings soared so did their self-esteem.

“When I made money, it changed the way I thought about myself,” one woman asserted. “I’m worth more. Success is a wonderful feeling.”

It certainly worked that way for me. The year my accountant told me I needed to incorporate because my income was so high, I felt exactly like the former underearner who announced during our interview, “Just saying I’m prosperous makes my shoulders go up a little straighter.”

Straighter shoulders is really what financial success is all about. Not just the zeroes on the paycheck, but the impact on our psyche.

I am reminded of what the philosopher Thomas Carlyle once declared: “Let each become what (s)he is capable of being.”

This is why it’s time to set your sites higher. Because it’s time to realize your potential, increase your prosperity, and become all you’re capable of being.

Which do you think comes first—do you earn more because you feel good about yourself or do you feel good about yourself because you’re paid more? Leave me a comment below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Ada

    I think this is sooo true. I was just struggling today with a new condition at work that makes it more difficult to earn a good income. My self worth is completely tied to the income and vice versa. I will explore this week focusing on self love, self care and just refusing to think poorly of myself. I hope to have something wondrous to report in no time. Like they say a miracle is a shift in consciousness.

    • barbara huson

      Ada, I’m so gratified that, reading this blog, you’re inspired to focus on self love and self care. This will make a huge difference in your experience. Granted, it takes constant vigilance and discipline to keep your thoughts loving vs judgmental and critical….but the miracles you’ll create will be more than worth it. I’d love to hear how it goes!

  • Raven

    This is an interesting inquiry. I understand the message and recognize that yes, earning more, receiving more money can impact one’s sense of worth, or minimally a woman’s well-being. I totally get it. I’ve been grappling with this myself, thinking that I’ll feel better about me when I’m earning more. We are certainly conditioned this way, and have cultural agreement, but what are we saying to ourselves if we’re not there? I’m not OK just as I am, right where I am right now?

    For me, it’s no different than saying “when I have a man” I’ll be Ok. Both put self-worth and well-being squarely in the hands of our circumstances. 2 days ago I asked for a baseline retainer and got agreement. On that same day I received an unexpected gift of money. Otherwise, I’m doing well managing what I have, living inside my means. That’s wealth, too. It would still be false/dangerous to hang my sense of well-being and worth on that particular peg.

  • Lisa

    Hi Barbara,

    I think I earn more because I feel good about myself. Things naturally start to mysteriously flow in when you stay mindful and do the inner work. Writing down realistic physical, emotional, intellectual, financial, leisure and home goals each month helps tremendously.

    I also think there are some non financial things that make me feel successful! My co-workers respect me and support me. They are smart and kind. They see me as the bridge between East and West and as their teacher and have really opened up to me. Haven’t we all experienced that ugly, toxic environment that questions our self worth? My husband is Japanese, so working with this group have helped me understand him more.

    My salary is good, however I think I could still earn more. I’m taking lots of notes about where I add value to the business. I’m in a stronger position to walk away this October, so that’s when I’m going to lay my cards on the table.

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