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No More Claw Marks

There’s a story about an experienced mountain climber who trips, falls and is clinging to the side of a ledge.

“Help me, God,” she cries. Then she hears a voice:

“I’ll help you Sadie, but first must do one thing,”

“I’ll do anything,” she cries.

And the voice replies, “You gotta’ let go of the ledge.”

That’s what adversity continually calls us to do: Let go of what is holding us back. If you’re struggling with a seemingly insoluble problem, ask yourself, right now: What do I need to release? And see what comes up.

It may be something tangible, like a job, a relationship, a geographic location. Or it could be an attitude, belief or emotion, like anger, fear, or self-doubt.

I promise you one thing: it’ll probably be what you’re most afraid to give up.

Why is this important? Because letting go creates space for something new to enter.

What do you suspect you need to let go of? Share in the comments.

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Comments & Feedback

  • Cynthia

    I am afraid of worthiness. Am I worth it? Existentially I know I am, and it is the old belief systems that are running the show.
    I am ready for a change.

    • barbara huson

      It’s truly time to let that old belief go…what steps are you going to take to do that, Cynthia?

  • Lisa

    Oh Barbara,

    I suspect I need to let go of an old 13 year + friendship.

    I need to accept this person is no longer the kind, caring, supportive , positive, protective, honest friend she used to be and she hasn’t been that way she used to be for a while. She is envious and is this bottomless pit of not enoughness. She is quick to reach out if there is something I can give her, however if I ask for some tiny or small favor it’s way way too much effort for her.

    I’m tired of feeling sorry for her.

  • barbara huson

    Good, Lisa. I totally support you in letting her go. She’s draining your energy. I know it’s hard to let go of “what-used-to-be” but that ship has sailed. You need space for something more soul-satisfying to come in. Good luck!

  • Lisa

    Thanks Barbara,

    It is hard to let go of “what-used-to-be”. It’s going to be a finger by finger declawing. There are a few unfinished conversations that need to be had for closure and to learn about me.

    • barbara huson

      Yes, it’s hard…I know that one well. And there’s no real hurry. Most important, take time to grieve the ending…it is sad, even if it’s the healthy thing to do. Wishing you the best xo

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