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A Radically New (And Far Better) Way to Make New Year’s Resolutions

The ritual begins, for me, right around Christmas. I find myself wondering about the coming year. Indeed, as I write, 2022 looms before me like a blank canvas. And I ask myself—how do I want to fill it?

Thus begins the Annual Writing of My New Year’s Resolutions. I suspect many of you may be doing the same.

We do it even though we know that New Year’s Resolutions rarely bear fruit. Most of us (80%) give up by the second week in February.

So this year, I’m approaching my Resolution Ritual quite differently. I’ve discovered a better way to bring my dreams and goals into reality. I invite you to join me.

Don’t just Resolve…Rewire! Most resolutions focus on changing your behavior…an incredibly arduous task. Rewiring, however, focuses on changing the cause of your behavior—your thoughts.

Here’s how it works. List your resolutions (or goals) for 2022. Then ask yourself this question: What thoughts are coming up regarding this Resolution?

If you notice any negative thoughts that conflict with your desires, immediately replace them with more beneficial ones and continually repeat them. Instead of “I’m not smart enough,” keep telling yourself “I know I can do this.”

Granted, this can take concerted effort at the outset. But I promise, it works. You’ll be amazed how quickly and efficiently your behavior will change as your thinking shifts.

I’d love to hear what you are resolving to accomplish in 2021? Share here. It would be my joy to help you bring your Resolutions into reality.

Which is why I’m excited to announce a free call, Rewire for Wealth: Mind Training for Wealth + Well-BeingClick the link to register and let me help YOU create Wealth + Well-Being…and, really, whatever else you want in 2022.

Comments & Feedback

  • Lisa

    Merry Christmas, Barbara!

    I felt some resistance this month buying Walmart stock, which was one of my financial New Years resolutions for 2021.

    I saved the money. The market dropped in value. It was the perfect time to buy, yet, two of the feelings or thoughts I had were “hoarding” and “pain in the ass”. I wanted to use the money to focus on my home goals instead. Replacing bathroom towels, buying new luxury bed sheets and a new dinning room table.

    The pain in the ass thoughts were true. I had to transfer the funds, read through numerous notifications in Japanese before I could trade, work out what time the NSE opened, work out the international time difference, work out the foreign exchange rate and calculate the number of stock I could purchase. It would have been so much more pleasurable to buy towels online….

    The 1 hour of pain paid off. It feels so satisfying managing my own portfolio and knowing that 7-10 years from now my purchases will be funded my investments, not a pay check.

    Writing it down as a news year’s resolution, and as you mentioned, on a to-do list helped.

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