Metafiscal Goes Mainstream (OMG!)

Well, I’ll be darn. Is the Wall Street Journal turning Metafiscal?

I open last Saturday’s Journal and there it was… a half page article waxing Metafiscal.  Of course, it didn’t use that term.  But it certainly preached a major principle. (Read the WSJ article)

According to the article, the biggest super stars swore their stellar success was literally sanctioned by God.

The reporter was focusing on pop singers, pro athletes, and movie stars (who, admittedly, could also be accused of narcissism). Nevertheless, the mega earners I interviewed–who were very successful,  just not in the spotlight–told me the very same thing…

…in almost identical words.  Talent is important but never underestimate the “motivating power of divine conviction” to stack the odds in your favor.

“Believing that God wants you to be famous,” says the reporter Neil Strauss, “actually improves your chance of being famous.”

On the flip side Strauss discovered,  “many equally talented but slightly less famous musicians I  interviewed felt their success was accidental or undeserved—and soon after fell out of the limelight.”

This  “faith gap,” he says,  “is often what sets the merely famous apart from the ridiculously famous. It can make the difference between achieving what’s possible and accomplishing what seems impossible.”

This is precisely how Sacred Success works.  And it makes perfect sense.  Those with a Divine sense of mission–who believe their marching orders come from a Higher Authority–possess a fire in their belly that makes them unstoppable.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?  What is your Divine  Purpose?  Do you believe you even have one?  I’d love you to share  your thoughts in the comments below.

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