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Let Go! A New Future’s Emerging.

In one of my books, I tell a story about a mountain climber who falls off a cliff,  grabs hold of the ledge, and dangling in midair, desperately cries out, “Lord help me!”

The Lord answers: “I will help you. But first you have to let go of the ledge.”

I believe this is what we’re all being called—or in some cases, forced—to do:  let go of the ledges that once kept us safe.  And that’s scary as hell.

But I’m beginning to think this may be the whole point. Widespread global fear is triggering our own personal fears, especially ones we’ve long kept buried. 

Our tendency is to avoid uncomfortable feelings, stuff them down. But these bottled up emotions must come up to be healed. Or they will forever hold us back, tethered to the past. 

A new future is emerging. And we are being asked to take time to reflect and release dysfunctional emotions that are weighing us down. 

My daughter, Melissa Siig’s experience mirrors what many of us are feeling. She found herself becoming increasingly irritable and unhappy, struggling to adjust to all the sudden changes. Then one day, she realized, “I had to shed my old skin to make way for the new.”   Here’s what she shared on Facebook:

 “Last week, I took a shower, went into my closet to get dressed, laid down on my closet floor and stayed there for two hours, curled up in the fetal position in the dark.

“I cried and mourned and let my grief pour out of me for what my family and I and the world had lost. I needed to release my life as it had been for 47 years to make way for acceptance of something new.

“I had to let go. I needed to be reborn. Like the butterfly breaking through its cocoon, I slowly emerged from my dark womb and made my way to my bed. I laid in bed another hour or two. My family worried about me, I worried about me.

“But eventually, having purged my old self, I reemerged, transformed. I wiped the tears from my eyes, went upstairs, poured myself a glass of wine, and played Clue with my family.”

What ledge do you need to let go of, what do you need to shed, to make way for the new? Leave me a comment below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Kim

    Thank you, Barbara! I really relate to this: “Widespread global fear is triggering our own personal fears, especially ones we’ve long kept buried…. But these bottled up emotions must come up to be healed. Or they will forever hold us back, tethered to the past.”

    A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting with my fear about what is going on, and a memory drifted into my consciousness of something that happened when I was 9 years old that instilled dread in me over several months and eventually led to calamity and chaos in my family. Since it was the adults in my life that created the situation, I had no one to protect me, give me perspective, and take care of me.

    I realized that it is my 9 year old self who is being awakened now and who needs my love and care. I am using tapping and Inner Relationship Focusing to learn how to be the loving adult she didn’t have then and to help her heal from her trauma. That is making a big difference to how I am able to navigate the present circumstances.


    • barbara huson

      Kim, thank you for that beautiful and very powerful post. Wow! What a huge insight you had…and you’re doing all the right things to heal that old and painful wound….that scared little 9 year old must be so relieved to have someone there to finally take care of her. REally well done. I wish I could reach out and give you (and your little girl) a great big hug xoxoxo

  • Stacy

    Wow! Such great inspiration. Thank you for sharing. I too, have been reflecting on this time and realizing how much attention I have given to what I can’t control. In my childhood, most evenings in my home, I tried to stay safe from my abusive parents by watching their every move. Up until recently, I noticed I had replaced watching my parents with watching the evening news. 30 years later, I was still creating the same stress and fear in my body around the same time they came home. I could not stop them much like I cannot stop the events happening in the world. Really getting this on a deep level, helps me to focus on what I can control, how I choose to respond and what I allow in my thoughts and vision.

    • Kim

      Hi Stacy. It is so interesting to hear how your childhood practice of watching your parents so you could keep safe is playing out now with the news. It makes so much sense. I am happy for you that connecting these dots is helping you deal with the present.


  • Lisa

    I let go of the thought that earning more money means more exhaustion, working harder and less vacation. Although this is sometimes true, it’s not always true.

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