Law of Attraction Not Working for You? Here’s the Missing Piece.

Is there anyone on the planet who hasn’t heard of the ‘Law of Attraction’. It’s the buzzword of the decade. I see it everywhere—books, articles, YouTube gurus—all singing its praises.

Simply put, the Law of Attraction says: you attract whatever you want into your life through your ability to feel good, think positively, and focus only on the desired outcome.

So, if you want to be rich, don’t focus on lack.

But there’s a catch:  How many people—maybe you’re one—really want wealth, focus only on abundance….and yet, their bills pile up, their savings shrink?

Here’s the truth:  the Law of Attraction is only part of the equation for manifesting your desires. What’s missing from popular memes are the other 2 Laws:

#1. The Law of Discipline. Discipline means taking consistent activity in the direction of your desire. To grow flowers, you must plant the seeds, pull the weeds and water the plants. To become a skilled golfer, you must practice your putt. And to achieve wealth, you must spend less, save more, and invest wisely.

#2.  The Law of Congruency.  Congruency means you get what you want, not what you ask for. You may say “I want to be rich,” but if, deep-down, you distrust the wealthy, don’t believe you deserve wealth, or regard money as evil, then wealth isn’t really what you want. Your conscious desires must align, and not conflict, with your unconscious beliefs.

So whenever I’m not attracting something, I always ask myself two questions, in this order:

  1. Why don’t I want it? What’s my pay-off for not having it?
  2. What am I not doing that I need to do? How do I water my dreams, weed the distractions?

Do you struggle with manifesting through the Law of Attraction? Do you believe these other two laws will help you succeed? Leave me a comment below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Lisa

    Being a big day dreamer, I LOVE the creative, visualization process of the Law of Attraction. I think I’ve been doing that since elementary school, well before I knew what the LoA was and I think it’s an extremely, powerful practice!

    But you’re right Barbara, if you don’t have self discipline, maybe you don’t want it that badly….And if that subconscious thought is more powerful than what you say you want, it will sabotage getting what you want.

    I heard a great fable the other week that’s been helping me with my discipline. It was something about a wood chopper. A wood chopper went outside and spent three days and nights cutting down a tree untill it fell down, whereas the other wood chopper went outside , grabbed his axe and swung at it 5 times a day. After a month, the tree came down. Morale of the story: doing a little “something something ” consistently yields results.

  • Carolina

    OMG, I’ve been wanting to attract wealth ever since I read your book, Overcoming Underearning in March of 2023, and realized that I’d been an UE for all my adult life (even when I made 6 figures as a communication consultant in New York City!).

    And now I see what’s going on with me: because I don’t believe I’m good enough as a coach, I don’t dare to sell my services, so I don’t put my discipline to work to schedule sales calls and to offer my services. So, deep down, I’m not congruent because I say I want to make $250K this year, but then I don’t do what’s required.

    Thank you, Barbara!

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