It May Be Time To Let Go!

Want to kick things up a notch (or 2 or 3) in your life? Ask yourself this: “What do I need to let go of?”  Seriously.   “Letting go” is a profound strategy few people fully understand.

When you pinpoint what’s holding you back, and are willing to let it go, miracles occur.  There is one catch, however.  Usually, the very thing you most need to let go of, is that which is most scary to give up.

Let me give you an example.  This just occurred in my latest Overcoming Underearning® teleclass (see  One woman, let’s call her Dee, was desperate to get out of debt.  Her main problem – her house was more than she could afford, but she couldn’t bear to let it go.  Her home was her sanctuary,  a retreat from the world,  tucked away in a little village that was nearby, but felt worlds away from the big city. Her closest friends were her neighbors.  She never had to lock her doors.  How could she  ever leave this?

Yet as our class continued, it became clear.  Dee needed to sell the house.  It broke her heart, but it was the right thing to do.   From that point on, things happened quickly.

She’d sat down to write a newspaper ad  when there was a knock on the door.  A man introduced himself as the father of her next-door neighbor.  He wondered  if, by any chance, she’d sell her house.  Dee’s jaw dropped, but she kept her cool.  They closed the deal, that very day, for $15,000 above what would’ve been her asking price.  And the man paid cash (yes, a big wad of cash now sits in the bank).

Dee’s bound to miss her house. But she won’t miss the debt.  And the relief  in her voice was palpable.  In fact, she was down right giddy.  Besides, she’s surprisingly excited about looking for houses in her price range.

The moral of this story?  The next time you feel stuck or weighted down, instead of asking; “What do I need to do?” Ask yourself; What do I need to let go of?” Then take the leap and watch for the miracle… and please share your story with me!

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Comments & Feedback

  • Theresa

    I’m a definite underearner. I need to let go of a couple of very low paying very part time jobs. I need to let go of spending time at home; I enjoy it there, but too much.

    Seems to be so little to replace it, though, especially since I don’t want to debit or under earn anymore. The underearning just keeps winning.

    The most lousy thing is, up until about 6 years ago, I had a livable wage. I was underearning, but I had enough for my then expenses. I had an excellent work history. Then the bottom dropped out and I spiraled downward into what/where I am today.

    Sometimes I can get myself psyched up to actually do something – and then fail. Resistance takes over – and at times I could scream.

    Sorry for the ramble, going to bed now – hadn’t realized it was so late. Procrastination/time debiting, non-self-care, both forms of resistance. Underearning wins again. :(.

  • Susan


    You’re not alone. I could have written that same paragraph, just with slightly different details. The question I ask myself is did the bottom drop out 7 years ago (for me it was 7) or was the bottom never really there? A solid one anyway. I mean maybe I was just good a managing things as they were, but eventually and inevitably, things would have ended up right where they did, because I was never on solid ground. Barbara’s post really has me asking, what do I need to let go of…so I can create more solid ground and with that a great sense of self-confidence. Good luck to you Theresa. If we’re both aware of our underearning, then we can certainly both do something about it, right?


  • I think the main thing I need to let go of is this safety net I fall back on when I think of the success, or lack thereof, in my business. I keep saying…”I always have this or that to fall back on if my business doesn’t do well” instead of taking the leap and projecting the positives into my business. I am so afraid of failing after working so hard to get it going, that I hold onto that fear and the safety net of a steady paycheck(at the part-time job I want so much to leave). I want to leave the part-time job and develop my business so it’s going full time and yet I lack full time confidence in my ability to make it happen.

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