Impatience vs Acceptance

There’s nothing like a burning goal to inspire you to go for it, full throttle. You’re excited to write a book. You’re eager to grow your savings. You yearn to start a business.

But what happens when you run into the inevitable speed bumps and road blocks? The fire in your belly can rage out of control. Your drive turns to desperation.

You become convinced that if you don’t make it happen right now, it never will. Impatience is the enemy of success, the death knell to higher aspirations, a sure-fire path to mediocrity.

Your Ego, like an angry parent, is shrieking “hurry up or you’ll fall behind.” These bogus threats are guaranteed to sap creativity, drain energy, delay progress.

My most memorable lesson in acceptance came during an early visit to a California farm where my daughter interned. The week I was there, the seedlings in the greenhouse were sprouting and needed to be planted. The baby chicks, now mature hens, had to be moved to bigger quarters. But nature had other plans. It poured. And rain was forecast for the next few days.

Here we were, all geared up to do both. I watched in awe at what happened next. No one got uptight. No one cursed nature. No teeth were mashing or hands wringing. Instead, the farm owner shrugged his shoulders, and said: “Enjoy the down time.” What a concept!

We found other things to do. We cleaned the eggs. We did outreach. One woman made a delicious apple crisp. Another couple worked on a brochure. We had a scrumptious stir-fry, loaded with freshly picked veggies.

What really struck me: everyone seemed grounded in a deep sense of faith—a respect for nature’s timing, a deference to forces out of their control, a trust in a higher order—that was so strong, they were able to dispense with their plans, embrace the delays, go with the flow and enjoy the whole process, with nary a complaint. Eventually the seeds were planted and the hens were moved, both in more than enough time.

Acceptance isn’t just tolerating delays, but honoring the natural rhythm of growth, trusting in the outcome, even if it feels as if you’re going nowhere.

I’d love to know where in your life you could replace impatience with acceptance? Leave me a comment below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Kaye

    This one was really right for me today, thank you. Something I’ve been really struggling with. I’m so glad I can still follow you here on your blog/email newsletter.

    • barbara huson

      I’m so glad you found it helpful, Kaye…and I really appreciate you letting me know. Hope you no longer need to struggle!

  • Susan Tackett

    Could not have been said any better! I have learned that when a day rearranges itself, there is always a reason why…and I go with it. “Life” knows better than me! Keep up the beautiful work, Barbara. You continue to inspire me all these years later!
    xo Susan

  • Colleen

    Thank you Barbara. I’m in this place right now after making a big left turn after some of my visions came true.
    Felt like a big setback, but there is something better for me out there. I need to relax and trust the process!

  • Wendy Allegaert

    Thank you for the topic. Your newsletter, provided an important reminder about faith and and planting seeds. I have been tying myself up into knots lately about a slow month or so, which most business owners tell me is perfectly natural, normal and to be expected in ANY business, but particularly with a new business that’s just two years old. I”ve been beating myself up and Doubting my ability to move past this time. I’ve been letting anxiety /impatience distort my thinking about the Big Picture.

    So the reminders were much appreciated. After reading the Newsletter I managed to laugh at myself, stepped away from the computer and read a book, went for a long walk and acknowledged my habit to push was the problem…not the solution.

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