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I’m in Resistance! How Do I Get Out of It?

You know the feeling. You finally decide to take the financial reins. You’ll pay off your debt, save for emergencies, invest regularly for retirement.

Off you go—to take a financial class, talk to an advisor, buy a money book—when suddenly, you run smack dab into Resistance.

Resistance is the psychological term for, “I don’t want to do this!”

You cancel the appointment, lose interest in the book, sit through the class, but nothing sinks in. You figure money’s not your thing.  Eventually, you quit trying.

Resistance, more than anything else, is what stops women from taking the financial reins. But it doesn’t need to derail you, at least not for long.

You need to understand that resistance is normal. It’s a signal that you’re changing, not that something is wrong.

Find a friend, a colleague or financial professional to hold you accountable. Whatever it is you don’t want to do, that is exactly what you need to do next.

Dig deeper to find what lies on the other side of Resistance.

It’s your Power.

And that’s really what scares us. Not managing our money, but owning our power.

Which is why I created The Wealth Connection, an online community of women supporting women ready to claim their power. I invite you to check it out here.

I’d love to hear what you’ve done to overcome your resistance. Leave me a comment below.

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Comments & Feedback

  • Lisa

    I was doing really well in this Operation Supply Chain Management course until I was handed this Excel Spreadsheet with a hairy math problem to solve which made me feel dyslexic just looking at it . It brought back some very old insecurities which I thought I well and truly got over in my 20’s – I am mentally retarded when it comes to math and I can’t be trusted with numbers.

    I went into resistance and decided to hand in a bunch of crap to the professor. Thankfully, the professor sent it back to me to do it again.

    I overcame resistance by being kind to myself. I had to repeat the 1st grade not because I was bad at math, but because my mother enrolled me in school when I was four years old instead of 5 years old. For years I thought it was because I couldn’t do math, not because I was too young to go to school!! The professor also didn’t explain anything in the lecture about the formula or give instructions about the macro in the spreadsheet. I had to work it all out by myself. I struggled for two days and nearly cried! I had to swallow my pride and ask for help.

    My husband only took a few minutes to explain what I needed to do and what was going on, which made me feel even more retarded, however I had to be kind to myself again by realizing he uses math every day and used to teach math to graduate students. After he explained it I got it really quickly. It really killed me having to ask my husband for help, because he’s my husband, not my daddy if you get what I mean. It reminded me of having to ask my parents for help with my homework when I was a kid.

  • barbara huson

    Oh Lisa…I can only imagine that being enrolled a year early in school would have a huge impact on you. That’s so unfair to a child. But you sound really determined and have overcome a lot. One thing I’m really curious about? Why in heavens name do you hate asking your husband for help? That’s what partners are for. He’s not your daddy…he’s your partner. You’re there to help him when he needs it…and he’s there to support you when you need it. I really hope you can shift your perspective and see him as your man, not your daddy. Thanks for writing.

  • Lisa

    Barbara, thank you for your support.

    Even though my husband is at an expert level when it comes to mathematics, we both got the assignment wrong and I ended up getting a C ! (ha) I guess what’s changed is that I’ve learned it’s not always my fault. Explanations can be really bad. I told the professor he made some mistakes in the ppt slide and he had to amend the answer.

    I like receiving help from my husband with domestic things, but not my homework; however, in hindsight, I’ve helped him write a few documents and he’s helped friends at university with their math homework.

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