I Was Wrong!

To those who took me to task for last week’s newsletter, I have one thing to say. Thank You! You opened my eyes.

I had praised the angry but peaceful protesters insisting black lives matter while disparaging “the looters and arsonists” for their senseless acts of destruction that had nothing to do with social justice.

And then you, my beloved community, showed me the light.

“Two wrongs do not make a right,” one woman wrote. “But when those four police murdered George Floyd and all the others, too numerous to mention, they broke the contract of good conduct. If the law enforcement agency cannot follow the law themselves how do they expect others to do so?

Another reminded me that peaceful protests “made it easy for many White Americans to turn a blind eye to the sufferings of African-Americans, to explain away mistreatment. But the damages have meant that people can no longer look away. Instead it has caused many to look inside at their privilege and find ways they can help dismantle it.”

I still can’t justify violence. Yet I have to admit, people are paying attention, springing into action like never before. But there must be other ways, better ways, to generate change.

Perhaps Ghandi said it best: “If you change how you think then you will change how you feel and what actions you take. And so the world around you will change.”

I’ve been following Ghandi’s guidance. It’s been powerful. If you care to join me, begin by asking—How must I change my thinking to create a just, compassionate and loving world?

Please share your answer with me. I really want to hear from you.

Comments & Feedback

  • Kathryn Jarrell

    I love what you have to say here. Be glad there are so many willing to do the work.
    Some of its ugly, all of it is hard. Real change is always messy.

    • barbara huson

      Thank you Kathryn…I loved what you wrote. You are so right…it’s messy. But I believe it will result in a much better, peaceful world!

  • Cara Day

    The more I learn about the issues, the more I know it’s time for change. One eye-opening documentary I recommend is Ava DuVernay’s “The 13th” (it’s available for free on NetFlix right now).

  • barbara huson

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about The 13th. I’ll watch it. Thank you so much for sharing this, Cara.

  • Charlene

    I too appreciate Mahatma Gandhi. “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – my favourite quote from him. We all contibute (or contaminate) from our own level of consciousness. He showed us one way of contributing in a gentle and powerful way.

    • barbara huson

      I love how you expressed this…”We all contribute (or contaminate) from our own level of consciousness. ” Beautiful way to describe Gandhi’s philosophy! Thank you, Charlene

  • Tanara Bowie

    Thank you, Barbara. It hurt my heart to read your original post. I am so moved that you sat with the hard comments and came back at this. That takes so much courage and I am inspired by . You could have dismissed it all. I am grateful and inspired.

    • barbara huson

      Tanara, i am sooooo grateful and inspired by your beautiful post. What you wrote meant a lot to me!!! Sending you big hugs of appreciation.

  • Eileen

    Barbara, As always I adore you & I’m so glad you broadened your perspective. My heart hurt too much to comment on your previous post; I was picking my battles and am so happy, joyful, relieved, and honored to know you have a community who respects you enough to speak up and to pick their battles even with you. You’re a leader and inspiration.

    • barbara huson

      Eileen…reading what you wrote brought tears to my eyes…really!!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you xoxoxo

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