How the Wealthy Think

F. Scott Fitzgerald once declared: “The rich are different than you and me.” To which Ernest Hemingway responded: “Yes. They have more money.”

I’d take it a step further: “But why do the rich have more money?” And my answer would be: “Because the rich think differently.”

So how do the wealthy think? The other day, I made a list of things I consistently hear successful women (and men) say. To be clear, I’m not talking about highly paid celebrities that go bankrupt, but those who sustain their wealth over a long period.

I came up with 10 common threads that seem to represent how the wealthy think. They also make terrific affirmations to start thinking like a wealth builder yourself.

1. I am confident in my ability to create and grow wealth.

2. I am clear that wealth doesn’t come from what I earn, inherit or marry, but what I do with that money

3. I respect money by spending less than I have, saving more than I need, investing in assets that grow faster than inflation.

4. I love money. It’s a wonderful tool for creating a meaningful, fulfilling life.

5. I see no obstacles. Only opportunities.

6. I talk possibility. Not limitation.

7. I’m willing to do the tough stuff that scares everyone else…and me!

8. I understand how to use risk to increase my net worth.

9. I rely on a team of advisors to help me manage my money

10. I take full responsibility…for everything

This is not a definitive list, of course. I’d love to know what else you’d add. Leave me a comment below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Lisa

    I love this list, Barbara!

    I’d like to add “I am stingy in some areas and splurge in others”. I know one who knows exactly how many squares of toilet paper 🧻 she uses…….,She wants to add another property to her growing property portfolio. Her motivation was not being treated like a child by another company ever again! When she worked for Comcast, they commented that she was taking a lot of bathroom breaks.

    • barbara huson

      That’s a really good addition to the list, Lisa. It’s so true. Wealthy people tend to be really frugal in some areas and splurge in others…which I think is really smart. They counter balance each other. Thanks for adding that!!!

  • James C Hendrickson

    They also work a lot harder than the poor.

    • Lisa

      Not necessarily, James.

      I know lots of poor people who work so hard doing crappy, meaningless jobs. The wealthy are just better at showing their money and time where to go and believing they deserve a seat at the table.

    • barbara huson

      Actually, James, I disagree. In all my research, I saw so clearly that no one works harder o longer hours than underearners. They sometimes have two or three jobs. High earners may work hard, but they’re focused (vs scattered) and strategic. My dad, who was extremely successful, never worked past 5:00 pm and took extended vacations quite a few times during the year. Hard work doesn’t always make you rich. I look at my cleaning lady or the guy who mows my lawn or the nurse I just saw…they work incredibly hard and very long hours, many more hours than I do…and i know none are wealthy.

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