How Strategic Are You?

When I wrote Secrets of Six-figure Women, I learned how important Strategic Thinking was to their success. Yet it’s not something many women are inclined to engage in. I certainly didn’t.

Strategic thinking means keeping one eye on your higher purpose without taking the other off the bottom line.

Men seem much savvier at strategic thinking. Women, in their eagerness to give back to their community or give birth to their dreams, often neglect this critical step.

To think strategically, you must constantly link your Big Vision to the costs of doing business, connect your mission statement to the profit/loss statement. 

One woman explained it this way: “The secret to a million dollars is continuously reevaluating the expenses to run a lean, mean business.”

And another: “Once you know where the profit is, it’s just a matter of multiplying how many widgets you need to sell.”

Basically, strategic thinking involves:

  • figuring out the costs to do business
  • cutting losses when something isn’t working
  • designing effective structures and systems
  • daily strategizing and yearly long-term planning

I clearly saw that strategic thinking did not come easily to many of these women.

 “This is not my nature,” said a former journalist, “I’m a writer. It was something I had to learn. No matter how passionate you are, you have to have business savvy.”

You can learn to think strategically by reading books, taking classes, talking to others, , consulting with professionals in or outside your industry.

My advice for tackling this technique—form a Strategic Task Force. Invite people (anywhere from 1 to 10) you trust, respect, and admire. Meet with them regularly to help you stay on track or  contact them when you need strategic solutions to problematic situations.

How comfortable are you thinking strategically? Share in the comments below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Lisa


    Finally, after 15 years of following your work, I purchased Prince Charming Isn’t Coming! So much I would like to say about the book!

    I’m getting a lot more comfortable with strategic thinking. It requires saying “no” and “yes” to things everyday and especially “no” to things that are bad economics (extremely inefficient use of time or money).

  • Karen Bemmes

    I’ve been thinking strategically for years about taking care of others; sports schedules, medical appointments, 504 plans, college applications, emergency medical plans, vacationing, etc., since I was the “planner” for the family.

    I thought applying that to business would be the same, but I was wrong because I have/had so many messed up thoughts about business and making money that I’m still unraveling thanks to this group and others I’m part of.

    The world of business, finances and wealth is becoming more and more fascinating and less and less intimidating every day. Thanks for being part of that journey Barbara.

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