How I Rewired My Brain for Higher Earnings…without even realizing I was doing it.

Here’s a revealing exercise. How would you complete the sentence: I’d love to make more money, but_______________.

You probably came up with some perfectly good reasons why you can’t: “I’m too old. I’m too young. I don’t have time. I have little kids. I don’t want to work that hard.”

Your reasons may feel rational. But they are not the truth. They are simply deep-seated beliefs, messages you repeatedly heard growing up that have become deeply embedded in your brain.

These beliefs, far more than any external factors, are the reason you’re stuck in underearning. Whenever you attempt to do something contrary to your beliefs, your brain screams bloody murder: “Stop! Don’t go there! Danger! Danger!”

Instinctively, you hold yourself back, terrified of the dire consequences you’ll suffer. It’s a primal survival response, though rarely is your survival being threatened. But I know from experience, it can sure feel like it.

As a chronic underearner, I truly believed—thank you, Dad—making and managing money is a man’s job. If I, a woman, tried, I’d fail miserably. For 30 plus years, my income reflected that belief.

Then suddenly–well, it felt sudden—everything changed. At the time, I was researching a book about high earners, spending hours talking to women who shattered glass ceilings, broke through limiting beliefs, overcame impenetrable obstacles, to make six- and seven-figures.

And then it happened. I made six figures before I’d finished writing the book. I was shocked. I swore nothing had I changed. But I was wrong. My brain had been rewired.

I’d accidentally stumbled on a powerful technique psychologists call Selective Attention—that which you focus on, over a period of time, gets wired in your brain and becomes your reality. For months, these women were showing me, subliminally, that my belief was bullshit.

This is wonderful news. You too can rewire your beliefs by consciously and consistently choosing to focus your attention exclusively on optimistic or loving thoughts (“Yes I can!”) and those who are proving your beliefs untrue.

Granted, redirecting your thinking (from what you don’t want to what you do want) takes massive effort at first. Our brains are lazy. They tenaciously resist change. But here’s a challenge for you—Leave me a comment below and tell me about a belief you want to rewire. Try Selective Attention for 3 months and watch what happens!!

Comments & Feedback

  • Jackie Foskett

    I can’t make a lot of money doing my business only part time.

  • Heather

    Hi Barbara! I’d like to rewire the belief that work has to be hard, that it’s meant to be hard. That hard work is the way. I choose to let it be easier. That work, no matter what it is can be easier and more joyful. 🙏Thank you for your supportive emails!

    • barbara huson

      That’s a wonderful…and very important…belief to rewire. I hope you’re not only finding people who are enjoying their work but also repeating that affirmation–It can be easy and joyful–over and over and over again, especially when you find yourself thinking how hard things are. You wire (or rewire) your brain by the words you constantly use, either by what you say or what you think. Good luck!

  • Natasa Dragnic

    …but it is dangerous/not safe for me.

    That is what came to me. It’s maybe in the same line with: I shouldn’t stand out. I shouldn’t be fully alive.
    I am working on that, all of that with my affirmations and attention and energy. And it is getting better. But I am not sure where to go with that safety thing. Maybe: If I have money I will stand out and THAT is dangerouse? If I have a lot of money my husband would feel not needed? (This is 100% my interpretation!)
    I will work on that too.
    Do you have any suggestions, dear Barbara?
    I so appriciate what you do and how you share it. “Sacred Success” blew my mind!!! Thank you so much <3,

    • barbara huson

      Natasa, thanks for your kind words…I appreciate it. When I read your post, my first thought was that your reaction to money felt like a trauma response. If this resonates, I urge you to find a therapist who specializes in treating trauma. You can get through this. In my experience, nothing interferes with financial success like unhealed trauma. I wish you the best.

      • Natasa Dragnic

        Thank you so much! I will deal with this for sure. Your support means the world to me.
        And/Although I am getting very good in manifestig money for myself THROUGH others, like my husbund 🙂
        Sending you Love & Gratitude & Miracles dear Barbara <3

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When a devastating financial crisis rocked her world, Barbara Huson knew she had to get smart about money… and she did. Now, she wants to empower every women to take charge of their money and take charge of their lives! She’s doing just that with her best-selling books, life changing retreats and private financial coaching.

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