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How Does One Become Wealthy? Part 2

Here’s the good news about creating wealth. Believing that you can do it, or not, is inconsequential. You just have to decide that’s what you want and be willing to do whatever comes next.

Powerful intentions produce sheer miracles. There’s a sort of magic inherent in a strong intention that will carry you through the toughest and scariest of times.

Here’s a 2-part exercise for creating a powerful intention.

1st Fill in the blank:

My intention is_________________.

You may have more than one, but for now, limit it to one. Be very specific. You can always add, change or modify later.

2nd  Ask yourself this question:

Why do I want to create wealth? Why is it important to me? What will wealth allow me to do?

This is the Higher Work of Wealth. When you can tie creating wealth to your deepest desires, you’ll be far more likely to stay the course despite the obstacles. And there are always obstacles.

But if your desire is greater than your fear, success is inevitable. 

Can you identify your deepest desires when it comes to creating wealth? Leave me a comment below.

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