How Do I Find My Purpose? (Part II)

Pinpointing your purpose is like finding your north star. No matter what’s going on in your life, your purpose will always point you toward your Soul’s desired direction.

I’ve known my purpose for years—to empower women financially. For those of you wishing to find—or redefine—yours, let me give you some ideas on where to look, based on my own experience.

1. In Past Pain

I had a line in my book, Prince Charming Isn’t Coming, that my editor cut because she considered it corny. “In our deepest pain, lies our highest purpose.” I’m not sure our life purpose has to come from pain, but it’s a good place to start looking. It’s where I found my direction. What’s been your most painful challenge in life?

2. In World Problems

Someone once asked me, way back in graduate school: “If you had a magic wand, what one thing would you change on this planet?” I knew immediately: liberate women to work as equals among men (mind you, it was the 70s!). Right after that, I got a job at the Women’s Center on campus, helping women re-entering the workforce. That started the trajectory that’s led me to where I am today. Look around…what global problem do you feel super-strongly about? How could you contribute to the solution?

3. In Childhood Play

When I was little, I always played school with my sisters. Of course, I was the teacher. Later, I organized a neighborhood camp, me being the sole counselor. As I grew older, I dreamt of becoming a college professor. I had babies instead. As we look back at the tapestry of our lives, it’s easy to spot certain threads that continually repeat, displaying an unwavering pattern which hold clues to our purpose. What did you love to play as a kid?

4. In Secret Fantasies

Ages ago, I was asked: “If you could have anyone’s job, who would you be?” My answer: Neil Diamond. When he asked why, the words just slipped out: “I want to write my songs and sing them.” This phrase so resonated, I’ve let it guide me through a myriad of careers. OK, so I can’t carry a tune. But I’ve managed to write my songs (books) and sing (teach) them. If you could have anyone’s job, who would YOU be?

Did you find any clues to your purpose in thinking about these ideas? Share in the comments below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Natasha Y. Phoenix

    This article resonated with me because no one talked about “your purpose” when I was growing up. All anyone asked you was, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” How the heck am I supposed to answer that when I was given any specific directions! This article made me think about how I learned to read in the first grade. I LOVED everything about reading and fell in love with books. I used to read anything I can get my hands on. Fast forward to today and it saddens me that children do not enjoy reading. Perhaps I can change that.

    • barbara huson

      Yes, Natasha, perhaps you CAN change that! What a powerful purpose. I’d love you to update me when you decide to pursue your passion!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Julie

    Thanks for your always insightful tips and inspiring stories.
    I always loved learning and teaching and now I can use my book and work to do it at a higher level!

  • barbara huson

    Thanks Julie!!! I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

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