How A Sneaky Scam Became a Spiritual Experience

I recently fell for a scam. It started with a Facebook ad for a pair of purple Skechers. The shoes were adorable. The ad looked legit. I made an impulsive decision without second-guessing.

When the shoes finally came, they were clearly crappy knock-offs. My requests for a refund met with stony silence.

Angry and frustrated, I shared my plight on Facebook, and received an outpouring of support and advice. I trashed the shoes, disputed the charges, and the credit card company reimbursed me immediately.

This ordeal taught me a valuable lesson: Never trust social media ads.

But more importantly, the experience served as a profound symbol for a spiritual principle…a sort of metaphysical wake-up call.

I’ve long been a student of A Course in Miracles, a spiritual text centered around mind training. It emphasizes the power of the mind and the importance of distinguishing between the voice of fear (or Ego) and the voice of love (or Soul).

Listening to the Ego leads to misery and unhappiness, while tuning into the Soul brings peace and love.

My challenge always lies in discerning between these two voices. But reflecting on those shoes, I had an Aha moment.

I suddenly saw the Ego as nothing more than a highly polished scam artist, feeding us lies that feel believable. I’m inadequate, the world is scary, and I need to hide, or I’ll be rejected. I tend to fall for these fabrications, which only reinforces its grip.

But just as I recognized the shoes as fakes, I can also recognize the falsehoods of the Ego. As soon as I feel like crap about myself, rather than succumbing to self-doubt, I can turn my attention to the loving guidance of my Soul.

It’s a simple decision. Whenever I feel bad, I know I’m in the grip of the Ego, and I can choose to shift my focus to gratitude and start counting my blessings.

In essence, it’s about reclaiming power over my thoughts and emotions, refusing to be swindled by the Ego’s tricks. Just as I took action to rectify the shoe scam, I can take action to reject the Ego’s negativity and align with the benevolent wisdom of my Soul.

How do you distinguish between the voice of fear (Ego) and the voice of Love (Soul)? Leave me a comment below.

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Comments & Feedback

  • Rachel

    This is a great perspective. And it shows that the trickster is part of life! It’s everywhere, even in ourselves. I never looked at it like this before. Thanks for the fun post ❤️

    • barbara huson

      Thanks Rachel! I’m so glad you liked this perspective! You’re right, the trickster is definitely part of life!

  • Shaun

    Love that….. be a great super power to consistently flip any fears etc
    Not good enough..not blogging….my own favourite is to remind myself…we are children of Gox do not believe the lies of the confused and afraid.

    • barbara huson

      You’re right, Shaun. It IS a super power to flip from fear to acceptance, remembering we are God’s child! Thank you!

  • Lisa

    So glad you reported that scam!!

    When I’m more in my ego, I’m in my head and when I’m in my soul, I can physically feel I’m deeper in my body.

    My ego is more reactive and defensive, but my soul is more truthful, authentic and peaceful. It can even feel compassion for someone who did me wrong.

    I started getting more into my soul when I would pay close attention to what I was feeling under the anger. Then, instead of lashing out, I would twist what I was feeling into a positive request. I felt so much better!

    • barbara huson

      Thanks Lisa. I love the distinction you made between the Ego & Soul. It’s beautiful how you shifted from lashing out to twist what you were feeling into a positive! That’s awesome.

  • Lisa

    And Barbara, thanks again for reporting that scam. When you report scams, you save other people from getting scammed!

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