Respect for Money and Women and Wealth

Hey, Let’s Show a Little Respect Here!

Money is a lot like a good man. Its greatest desire is to serve and support you. In return, all it requires is to be respected and appreciated.

You respect money the same way you would anything else you value, be it a work of art, a treasured friend, or cash in hand.

If you want it to last, you’ve got to take care of it. Throw it around carelessly or ignore it completely and guess what’s going to happen?

How do you respect and appreciate money? Follow the Four Rules of Money:

  1. Spend Less (Only buy what you can easily afford)
  2. Save More (Pay yourself first)
  3. Invest Wisely (Put money in assets that grow faster than inflation and taxes.)
  4. Give Generously (Use your money to make a difference )

Most women have the giving generously part down pat. But unless you follow the first three, giving becomes an act of self sabotage.

Not only do you jeopardize your future security, but you diminish the impact you can have with your money.

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Comments & Feedback

  • Hi Barbara,
    Sacred Success was a powerful book for me, as was Overcoming Underearning and thank you for writing them. I agreed with everything you said — but I still have a problem I’m hoping you can help with. What holds me back is a lack of role models. So I ask you: can you name anyone who spent a lot of time with their beloved partner and young child(ren), took great care of their health, AND started up a very successful business that does good in the world and never deliberately hurt people? All at the same time? Because that’s what I’m trying to do.

    I’m not willing to sacrifice my marriage, my children or my health for my work and I recognise that’s a fear that is likely holding me back. I’ve tried and tried to find that balance and it eludes me. I’ve never seen any ACTUAL examples — not just vague promises — of people who have done it but if you can give me even just one, I can believe it’s possible. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, even Oprah — none of them can say that. Can you name any?

    • Katherine Sanders

      Hi Rachel, I love Barbara’s books also, and discovered her work while participating in Bari Tessler Linden’s Art of Money program. It just so happens that Bari fits the description you gave… She is a happily married somatic and financial therapist and ‘mama-preneur’ who guides an international community into a more conscious relationship with money. You might check out her site for some free content (, or even consider the Art of Money when it starts up again in 2016.

    • barbara

      I address this very issue extensively in my book, Secrets of Six-Figure Women. You’ll meet lots of role models there…over 150 of them.

      But I’d also suggest you explore your fear and assumptions of being able to have a family, be successful and make a positive impact. I suspect there’s some limiting, outmoded beliefs rumbling around you unconscious recesses!

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When a devastating financial crisis rocked her world, Barbara Huson knew she had to get smart about money… and she did. Now, she wants to empower every women to take charge of their money and take charge of their lives! She’s doing just that with her best-selling books, life changing retreats and private financial coaching.

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