Healing the Imposter Syndrome

There was one thing I never expected, in my interviews for my book, Secrets of Six-Figure Women. How many highly successful woman felt like frauds, afraid others would find out.

At the time, I credited their success to their courage, constantly doing what they were afraid to do..

Now, after having written my latest book based on brain research, I realize I need to add a critical caveat: But Don’t Forget to Rewire

Neuroscience gave me an explanation—and antidote—for the Imposter Syndrome, an insidious condition afflicting millions of women.

Despite their impressive accomplishments, they hadn’t prepared themselves mentally as they pushed themselves vocationally.

In other words, they hadn’t trained their minds to think differently so their brains continued to reflect their past. Their self-image hadn’t caught up with their achievements. Their old neuropathways still dictated their current perceptions.

It was like they signed up to run a marathon without first getting into shape. Sure, they were driven to go the distance.

But failing to rewire their old neurocircuits, they experienced massive discomfort, and little joy, in their journey. Even though their careers were flourishing.

Successfully rewiring for wealth, well-being or anything else, necessitates that before you focus on changing your behavior, you must deal with the causes of that behavior—your thoughts and beliefs.

What do you believe about yourself that is no longer true? Leave me a comment below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Colleen Henderson

    Was acquiring a lot of wealth. Moved into my dream home in West Oakland. Didn’t feel grounded there due to the rough neighborhood. Didn’t have the money to move again. Started arguing with my partner etc as my PTSD went out of control. Started ending up in hospitals. Partner stopped paying rent and said he was taking care of the place while I was making all rent payments through my family. I never went back. I stayed in airbnbs. My partner refused to get out till I talked to him personally. He had blocked me on his phone.
    I finally have my own place but started giving all my wealth away. I now want to replace it but know I still have that old paradigm. I’m praying more now and also doing written 10th steps. Been in BDA & DA for over 6 years. I gave away some of my good jewelry against my will.
    Thinking about rejoining your calls.
    I’m hoping to start with new woman trauma therapist next month.
    Partner and I are separated but we’re still talking.
    Lost love of myself during all that happening.
    Thanks Barbara!

  • Lisa


    You are very important. Some of that wealth is for you, too! Please love yourself and I wish for all my community for feel safe in their own home.

  • barbara huson

    Colleen, I’m so glad you reached out to a therapist, that you’re going to DA and that you joined my online community. This is not something you can (or should) heal by yourself. Support is critical. You CAN change this pattern of giving money away, of not respecting or honoring your own needs…with the right support. You went through a very rough patch, but you seem to have made a renewed commitment to changing it…and that’s so important. I am totally committed to supporting you through this process. You can do it!

  • Julie Bruns

    I used to think I was not enough. Ever. But after rewiring, meditation, and EFT tapping for several months, I no longer think it’s true. It was something I picked up as a child, but it simply wasn’t true. It was my mother’s truth that was transferred to me. What a relief and what an immense concept to let go of. I no longer want to be around people that I feel that way around (because they feel that way). Now I focus on all the ways I’ve proven that I am enough. (And there are a lot of examples.) I focus on those thoughts and then I get more of those reminders. What a better way to be living!

    • barbara huson

      This is HUGE Julie! To realize this was your mother’s projection of her own insecurity and transform that by focusing on all the ways that prove you’re more than enough! Truly the best way to live. And you’re modeling that all the time!!! Thanks for posting xoxo

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