Has It Clicked Yet?

I call it the Click. It’s that ‘aha’ moment when you recognize, with every fiber of your being, that you deserve to earn more for no other reason than you’re worth it

Without the Click, upping your income can be an uphill battle. But once you realize how capable you are, how much value you offer, barriers that once felt insurmountable will begin to disappear.

You see, there is a direct correlation between your level of self-esteem and the amount that you earn.

Virtually every high earner I interviewed for my books swore money was not her primary motivation. But at the same time, she fully expected to be highly compensated because she knew she was worth it.

How do you build that kind of self esteem? How do you access the Click? Simply put: Do
what you dread. 

That’s probably not what you wanted to hear. But trust me, there’s no better way to boost your confidence than by doing what you are scared to do or don’t believe you can do.

The more frightening or daunting it feels, the more important it is to face.  And when you fall down—which everyone does—just get back up and keep going.

From this day forward, look for ways to get out of your comfort zone.  Volunteer for what scares you. Speak up and ask for what you want. Let go of what’s holding you back.

And pay particular attention to letting go. More often than not, people get stuck because they’re clinging to the very thing that keeps them glued in place.

You may need to give up something tangible, like a job, a relationship, a geographical location.  Or it can be intangible, like a limiting belief, a repressed emotion, an unhealthy habit.

Do what you fear and here’s what you’ll discover. Your self esteem won’t come from the amount of money you make, but the degree to which your life is no longer run by fear.

What’s keeping you glued in place? Leave me a comment below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Lisa

    I’m feeling fearful about letting go of some cash next month to purchase stock. The stock is dropping in value , so the conditions might be ideal to buy. I feel quite certain that this stock will at least triple in value 5 years later, if not skyrocket!

    I think my fear is if I purchase next month, I will leave myself short of cash. I think I need to change my thought to “there is always more cash coming in”. I think I will get a hit of self esteem and piece of mind after I purchase. It will feel good crossing off one of my four financial goals for 2021 off my list.

    • barbara huson

      I like your reframe, Lisa. But your concern is a valid one. Just make sure you have a good 1-3 months in savings…just in case…

      • Lisa

        Thanks Barbara,

        I’m brainstorming what to do at the moment. I’m thinking about temporarily doing some weekend projects to hustle some more cash!


  • Lisa

    Peace of mind (blush)

  • barbara huson

    Love it!

  • Lynn Fisken

    Hello from New Zealand Barbara, I have started, taken action, I’m scared but excited, I lost my nerve and made other priorities and have just today taken first step thanks to my journey with you which started just before lockdown & getting one of your books out of the library.
    Thank you for your work & sharing your experiences. Changed logo & website plan to go live by May 1st http://www.heirhunter.co.nz Woo Hoo!

  • barbara huson

    Lynn, I’m so glad you posted here. I know it’s scary, but kudos to you for taking action. Please keep me posted on your progress…I’d love to know how it goes. And I’d love to know what @heirhunter is about. Wishing you tremendous success.

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