Finding Your Purpose (Exercise Included)

In my interviews with highly successful woman—women making high six- and seven-figures–I was struck by how they all seemed possessed by an almost divine sense of purpose.

I was reminded of a quote from Joan of Arc: “I am not afraid. I was born to do this.”

That’s how a Higher Purpose feels. You must do this, no matter what happens, no matter how frightened you are, no matter how impossible it seems.

Purposes can range from the blatantly ambitious (create world peace) to the seemingly trivial (lead a simple life).

I swear, something happens when you clarify your purpose—angels appear, the way is shown, and opportunities occur, often disguised as coincidences

Some of you may know your purpose. Others haven’t a clue.

Here’s an exercise that I’ve found quite helpful. I urge you to do it with a clean slate—give up any preconceived idea and listen for whatever your soul wants to tell you.

Finish each sentence with the first word, or words, that come to your mind.

Your responses to these statements hold the clues to your purpose. Based on what you wrote down, what do you think your purpose might be? Share in the comments below.


Comments & Feedback

  • LaTonia Taylor

    Everything about this exercise is confirmation of pn-going conversations with Spirit and The Ancestors. Yet, it’s refreshing to revisit and recommit to trust the pathway of purpose AS PROSPERITY!
    With Love,
    SG LaTonia
    a/k/a RevJuicy 😊💗

  • Lisa

    These are such powerful questions! Oooh, to answer question number one; the thing I would love to be remembered for is just making someone feel good. Not necessarily in the touchy, feely, sleezy way; I think it’s possible to make someone feel good on so many different levels.

    Recently, I had to give a really dry presentation on the Future of Work. I tried to make it as fun as possible to entertain myself. I was shocked when I received dozens of direct messages from men and women from different cultures telling me how good it made them feel?!?

    Unfortunately, people can hurt each other. I think if I once made someone feel good and I can sense I am not making someone feel good anymore, or they are not making me feel very good anymore, I want to leave things on a graceful note, so that we can remember each other as someone who once made each other feel good, not as someone who is an annoyance!

    • barbara huson

      Lisa, this is so beautiful! Thank you very much for sharing this lovely sentiment. I was personally touched!

    • barbara huson

      What a beautiful sentiment, Lisa. Thank you for sharing. I’m very moved by your caring and deep compassion.

  • Lisa

    Thanks, Barbara!

    The questions are very powerful, so I’ve only been answering one a day. Some of it, I’ve already known about myself and some of it has been illuminating!

  • Bernadette

    Barbara I am so blessed, because out of nowhere I have fallen into my dream job. I am currently teaching Drama at a wonderful primary school with children from Kindy to Year six. I had no idea of how I would be able to do choreography or put together spot lighting. But as you say it’s as though angels know what I need and it is supplied gracefully. I allow my best energies to manifest by simply showing up each day and knowing what I and my students need to learn and do and I simply watch spellbound as every detail is taken care of easily and this often spreads joy and fun over us all. Costumes ,music and professional printed screens just turn up when I’m least expecting it. I know I was born to do this! I am loving every day !

    • barbara huson

      I’m thrilled for you, Bernadetter. I love how miraculously this job and everything you need showed up. Clearly, you’re doing a lot of things right. Keep it up. You totally deserve this….yes, you definitely were born to do this. Those kids don’t know how lucky they are to have you!!!!

    • Barbara J. Simon

      Hi Bernadette, I know the joy of theater, and using it to help kids find their own inner world come alive. Sounds like you’ve been truly open to this magical world and everything you need is showing up right on time. You are blessed and centered and grateful. Congratulations. So happy for you. Welcome to the club!

  • Kathleen Smith

    I would love everyone to have a grandmother who is a little bit of a fairy god-mother! I love my family and my friends from so many cultures, and I hope to be remembered for being a strong support for my family and sharing tips with others who wish to do the same. Of course, we will brag about our grandchildren!

  • Barbara J. Simon

    I recently got back in touch with some cousins (we all live in different states). I haven’t seen any of them in at least a decade. But when I got the news that my last aunt passed away, I sent her two daughters a few photos of us all as children with our parents in the photos. Suddenly, I received these very emotional emails thanking me. They told me my aunt’s home was in Oregon, and had been leveled by the fires in one day – two years before she died. They had no family photos – all memories were gone. Since then, I’ve been sending scans of photos I have, telling family stories, and setting up an email circle link with other cousins so we can all share together. So rewarding.

  • Barbara J. Simon

    Finally got around to answering the questions on the Finding Your Purpose email from March. I found a job last September that is turning into an extraordinary opportunity to heal clients with my art and music, as well as recover from my horrible eldercare crisis 30 years ago with my parents – and set my foot on the bottom rung of a management track with a successful company where they promote from within. I’m working for Sunrise Senior Living, an extraordinary retirement community, as an Activities Assistant doing crafts with seniors. I told them I also play the piano and sing. Within a month, they had rearranged my job description to include me playing 1 1/2 hours a day. I didn’t want them to hear me sing until I had proven that I could do the craft job they hired me for – so I held back until setting up a Family Sing-along at Christmas. They were blown away – and now plead with me to sing while I’m at the piano. This week I set up a Baseball Movie Festival for them, and my boss is thrilled. I’ve never seen an employer so willing to morph my job into what I do best. I see a future here, and a chance to climb the career ladder quickly. Finally, all those years I spent on my parents’ eldercare that took my career off-track are paying off. And I’m enjoying the ride! Thank you for all your good advice, Barbara.

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