Finding Pleasure in the Writing Process

I remember sitting down to write my first book. I was so excited. Until I read what I wrote. It was awful. I tore up the pages in utter defeat. 


This went on for months. I’d write. Read the draft. Rip it up in disgust. Walk away in despair. Eventually the book got written but oh, did I suffer. It was the same with each of my next 6 books. 


Now, working on my 8th book, I swore I’d do it differently. And I did. Here’s how I made the process actually pleasurable. 


1. Don’t wait until you’re inspired. William Faulkner said, “I only write when I am inspired. Fortunately, I am inspired at 9 o’clock every morning.” I’ve blocked time on my calendar for writing. And I’m at my computer, inspired or not. Of course, deadlines work wonders! 


2. Kick perfectionism out the door. My new approach: Write shit, then clean it up. Awful first drafts don’t mean I’m an awful writer. It means I have to become a really good rewriter. As prolific writer, Nora Roberts says, “I can fix a bad page. I can’t fix a blank page.”


3. Hold tight to a grander vision. I’m approaching this book as if I’m supposed to write it and there’s one person out there who really needs to hear what only I can say.  When my ego insists I’m a fraud and everyone’s about to find out, I just say “Thank you for sharing” and tune in to my Soul’s guidance


4. Make it a priority. Writing had to take precedence over the myriad of other items on my list. When the book became a priority, right up there with spending time with my kids, the momentum shifted and the writing took precedence. No struggle or effort necessary.


Is there something you know you should share with the world or, perhaps, that one person who desperately needs to read what you have to write? Tell me about it, here, then start writing!

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Comments & Feedback

  • Lisa Duncan

    Another tip: hire a ghostwriter! I am a ghostwriter and I have been kind of a “doula” for several books. It takes a LOT of the pain away.

  • Xanda

    Barbara!! Im so grateful as usual for your inspiring letter! This is just what I needed to get my day going! To remember I can always start ( or continue ) being in my process ! Having just been away for 4 day vacation on a beautiful lake in NH I was feeling discouraged having been away from my studio and VERY far from my last stab at writing . The writing about my work is an important aspect in communication of my ideas and I have a major block about it!! Your words have made me motivate to DO
    On step at a time !

  • Susan

    Hi, Barbara! Thank you for this encouraging post. I admire you and your work tremendously and enjoyed participating in One Year to Wealth a few years ago.

    I’ve got a story that will certainly (and deservedly) manifest as deathbed-bedbugs should I fail to get it written in some form or fashion. That’s dramatic, but bear with me.

    I worked in Afghanistan for a few years as a civilian contractor. The experience was life-changing for my husband and me, but life-ending for a group of security guards that protected our camp. A suicide bomber attacked early one morning, killing himself and six guards. A seventh may have also died from their wounds. The guards, five men and one woman, were also contractors, from all over the world. All but one had a spouse; they were all parents. I want to tell their stories and their children’s stories IF it would bring healing , honor, and prosperity to their families.

    That’s the story’s tidy thumbnail that is anything but. And me sitting on mine! Gah!

    Thank you for bringing your vision to reality to benefit so many women and their families.
    With appreciation,

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