Don’t just Resolve…Rewire!

The ritual begins the morning after Christmas. I wake up wondering about the coming year. As I write, 2021 looms before me like a blank canvas and I ask myself—how do I want to fill it?

Thus begins the Annual Writing of My New Year’s Resolutions. I suspect many of you may be doing the same.

Even if you don’t actually write them down, I imagine you contemplating what you want to achieve in the coming 12 months.

We do it even though we know that New Year’s Resolutions rarely work. In fact, 80% of us give up by the second week in February.

That’s why I’m doing it differently this year. I’ve discovered another way, a better way, to bring those Resolutions into reality. Don’t just Resolve…Rewire!

Rewiring does NOT focus on changing your behavior. Which is exactly what most Resolutions do. Rewiring focuses on changing the cause of your behavior—your thoughts.

The approach is based on a scientific fact: The thoughts that flow through your mind are what wires your brain.

It works like this. Ponder your goals for 2021. But instead of merely listing them and hoping for the best, take one or two of them and ask yourself this question: What thoughts are coming up for me regarding this Resolution?

Then recognize any negative or unhealthy thoughts that could be preventing you from changing. And immediately replace them with a more beneficial thought.

You’ll be amazed how quickly and efficiently your behavior will change as your thinking changes. Granted rewiring is NOT easy. It takes massive effort. But I promise, it works.

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