Don’t Even Try…

We all have our internal critics. The part that tell us what we can’t possibly do. Mine insists, quite convincingly: “You can’t do that! You don’t have what it takes.”

Those voices may never shut up.  But just because you hear voices in your head, doesn’t mean you have to follow them.

As Vincent Van Gogh once said: “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you can not paint,’ by all means paint and the voice will be silenced.” 

Indeed, keep reminding yourself: “that’s not my voice.” It’s the voice of a parent, the culture, teachers, friends, something ‘out there.’ But it isn’t mine.

Then simply say to that voice: “Thank you for sharing,” and start replacing the old voice with different, more positive statements, a personal mantra or affirmation.

The ones I keep repeating: “Of course I can handle this!” And “It’s so easy!” And I keep saying those words with utter conviction, even if I don’t fully believe them.

Here’s what invariably happens. As I repeat those phrases, over and over again, the voices gradually disappear, my resistance begins to fade, and I watch myself proceed almost effortlessly.

What does the negative voice in your head say? And, what can you replace it with? Leave me a comment below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Gabisile

    The voice that I here is that, ‘this is too big of a task to do’ or ‘I am never going to achieve that’.
    Then I put on a smile on my face so I can relax and say ‘I am ready for this challenge’

  • Lisa

    As trivial as this may sound, the voice in my head keeps telling me that “I can’t go to aqua aerobics anymore”!??!

    I used to love jumping up-and-down and laughing and splashing in the water 💦 to really bad hits from the 1980’s! I remember effortlessly shaping up because of the buoyancy of the water and walking into a room with a swag of confidence! I remember sleeping like a log after my workouts and I fondly remember hanging out in the jacuzzi with other women before and after the lesson and feeling a sense of community with my neighbors!

    Sadly, the facility was taken down for the Olympics, then Covid hit. The gym I inquired at to told me the classes are all full. I think aqua aerobics might be “my thing”. I think I need to get relentless and make this happen somehow!

    • barbara huson

      Actually Lisa, there’s nothing trivial about this. I love the way you described your love of water aerobics and your deep disappointment when it was taken away. Please, be relentless. Your Soul is calling…it IS your thing. Make it happen. Than let me know!!!

      • Lisa


        Thanks for encouraging me to pursue this! I felt a bit silly writing about “aqua aerobics” on your forum. It probably sounded like such a “Karen” problem!

        I wrote to my former aqua aerobics teacher. I haven’t seen her since 2018. She responded back so quickly and so positively. She’s going to get back to me in a few days with some class information. It’s so difficult to find aqua aerobics classes where I live, so I’m glad I sent her a message!

  • Robin C. Sloan

    Hello, Barabra!

    This is Robin Sloan from Melinda Cohan’s, TheCoaches Console. You spoke with us the other evening on the hot topic of MONEY. I am the women who was inspired to go and retrieve my “Money Sticky Note” from the office garbage pail when you stated that you had one too. What a honor to be “in good company” with someone as brilliant as you!

    I just ordered the audible version of your new book, “Rewire For Wealth,” and I am soooo excited, because this is my lane. Eventually, I’ll get the hardcopy because I like to highlight brilliancy and wisdom as it speaks to me. 🙂

    As an investor and a FOREX Trader, I learned that I definitely have to have my brain “rewired for wealth” or I’ll lose all my initial capital and gains, which I did…more than once! However, I am beginning again, understanding that 80% of it is mindset and the other 20% is the work/plan/strategy.

    Thank you, again, for sharing your wisdom and pearls with those of us who you have blazed the trail for and I look forward to having that “I’ve aquired my Sticky Note Money” drink with you someday soon!

    • barbara huson

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, Robin. Your words warmed my heart. I LOVE that I inspired you to dig that post it goal out of the trash. Keep it where you see it daily.

      You are so wise when you say: “80% of it is mindset and the other 20% is the work/plan/strategy.” Amen to that!

      Please, keep me posted on your progress, I’m genuinely looking forward to toasting your success at meeting/surpassing your goal!!!

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