Don’t Believe You Can Make More Money? Doesn’t Matter!

Want to know an important secret to making more money? Certainty, or lack of it, is inconsequential.

You don’t need to be convinced you can do it. You need only be open and receptive to the possibility.

So many of high earners I interviewed, when the thought of making big money first crossed their minds, never really believed they could actually do it.

 Nor did they know precisely how they would add another zero or two. In fact, most hadn’t the vaguest idea.

Which is exactly how I, a chronic underearner, always felt. One of the most hopeful messages I learned from successful women is that we need not fully believe something is possible, much less have a full-blown plan firmly in place.

We just have to decide what we want and be willing to do whatever comes next.

One day, after interviewing a dozen high earners, I took a post-it note and wrote: $125,000. That was what I was going to make that year. I stuck it to my computer.

I didn’t know how I was going to do it. But I was determined.

When my now 2nd ex-husband happened to see that post-it note, he asked what it meant and I told him. He laughed hysterically.

I laughed too, because it seemed ridiculous. So I took the post-it down and wrote: Yes you can!

And yes I did.  And so can you...if you’re willing to do whatever comes next. I promise, you will be shown. (Are you stuck in your comfort zone? Click HERE.)

What will you write on your post-it note? Leave me a comment below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Cynthia Mosser

    I will write “A minimum of $50,000” on a post it note for 2023 gross earnings.

    • Lisa


      I love this because it’s so reasonable, realistic and do-able!

      Wouldn’t be surprised if you get a little bit more than this! I believe when we’re crystal clear on something and laser focused, we’re often rewarded just a little bit more!

  • Maggie

    Hi Barbara,

    I was a chronic under-earner, but read your books over the years again and again.

    I was earning about $28k in my late 20’s, read your Overcoming Underearning book, and in my early 30’s my income jumped to $60k. I felt victorious!

    But over the years I kept hitting an earnings ceiling- I couldn’t seem to earn more than $65k. It was frustrating to see my friends earn 6-figures as I worked in a fulfilling, but traditionally low-paying field.

    Eventually I realized I was trying to get blood from a stone- I would never earn more in my line of work. It was a tough, but honest conversation with myself.

    I switched industries and re-read your book, Secrets of Six-Figure Women again at (age 46!)

    With the same skill set and education, I now earn $150k and work remotely 25 hours per week as an executive recruiter.

    I’ve thanked you in the past for your help shifting my mindset. But I read your message about the post-it and wanted to share that I took your $125k example and put that post-it on my computer for two years- it works!

    This past year I realized I now identify as a 6-figure earner in my own mind. It’s made all the difference.

    I’m on track to saving $70k of my 2022 earnings- another lesson I learned from your books!

    Thank you, thank you! I’m looking forward to the next chapters continuing to stretch into uncomfortable territory.


    • barbara huson

      Maggie, this is an incredible story…and you sound amazing. Thanks for sharing this with me. You made my day!

  • Marny

    I wrote $125K this morning. I’ll rewrite and repost every day so my mind can stay focused on what to earn.

    The last time I read Secrets of Six-Figure Women (15 years ago) my career path changed overnight from a data analyst to a fashion copywriter. And I haven’t looked back. Hoping to reread and attract new clients who value my work (because I do great work!)

    • barbara huson

      Marny, I have a strong feeling you’ll make that amount, if not more. I love knowing that reading my book helped you find a new and rewarding career path. Thanks for letting me know. If there’s ever anything else I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to ask!

  • barbara huson

    Oh Maggie, I’m grinning ear to ear reading this. I’m so impressed with your determination and your willingness to do the hard work. And I’m so happy–more than you can imagine–that my book was helpful in your amazing success!!! Thank YOU so much for letting me know. I’d love an update as your next chapter unfolds.

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When a devastating financial crisis rocked her world, Barbara Huson knew she had to get smart about money… and she did. Now, she wants to empower every women to take charge of their money and take charge of their lives! She’s doing just that with her best-selling books, life changing retreats and private financial coaching.

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