Confessions from a Metafiscal Teacher

I have a confession to make. Do you know why I teach Sacred Success®? Because that’s what I need to learn. And no one learns more than the teacher. Consider this recent experience.

I had taken on a lot of projects the last few weeks.  I was bursting with new ideas, excited to bring each one to fruition.

Yet, I began to feel myself slowly, subtly, almost imperceptibly slipping into…I couldn’t even say. My enthusiasm waned. I wasn’t as happy. I felt mildly overwhelmed, slightly off kilter. But it made no sense.  I loved everything I was doing!

Then I went to visit my daughter, the farmer.  There, down on the farm, Mother Nature taught me a mighty lesson: The Power of Pruning.

One of my daughter’s chores was pruning the fruit trees. Last year, the farm had a disappointing crop. The problem was they weren’t pruned enough.

“If you don’t prune back most of the new buds,” Anna explained, “too much of the tree’s energy goes into producing foliage instead of growing fruit.”

Without sufficient pruning, she continued, trees spread themselves too thin, reducing the amount of fruit they bear.

In my world, everything’s a metaphor.

Was I, like a fruit tree, spreading myself too thin? Was I letting too many budding projects sap my creativity, my energy, my focus?

I started wondering: if I cut back my output, would I, in the long term, bear more fruit?

Now we get to my confession. This is exactly what I’ve been teaching in Sacred Success™. Yet (gulp) part of me is scared to cut back.  The other part knows I need to.

What do you think? I welcome your advice.

Comments & Feedback

  • I personally believe it’s important to focus your energy on doing one thing well at a time. I, too, was trying to market my book, create blogs and design a program and I was disjointed, frustrated and not really doing anything well. Perhaps you could stagger the timing of your projects? By the way I enjoy your writing and teaching!

    • Thanks, Hollis. Stagger is good. But I’m finding I need to simply cancel a lot of stuff. I don’t do well when my plate is too full!!! I appreciate your comment!!

  • Thank you – again Barbara – for this wonderful analogy to life. I think this is one of the core roots to many of my issues that stop me from moving forward on projects and something that I need to continually be aware of. t’s so easy to become distracted by everything that I want to do and yet, when I focus on one thing at a time and do that well, it falls into place. Choose your top priority and focus there. BTW I’ve shared this with a number of other people and it so resonates with them as well. Kudos for putting it into words!

    • Oh Susan, isn’t this is such a lesson for so many of us, isn’t it? Can you hear my Big Sigh!! You might want to also read my blog What’s keeping you from Greatness? It hit a lot of people’s nerve too…it’s about ABTS. Let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping by and posting…I so appreciate it.

  • I love this thought and your review of the situation. I think your metaphor makes perfect sense. Often we bite off more than we can chew (or try to force the blossoms) and it can become overwhelming.

    I’ve just finishing back-to-back readings of Overcoming Underearning and Secrets of Six Figure Women. With all those insights and knowledge floating in my brain I can’t help but think of a couple other ideas.

    I’m not yet familiar with your work in ‘Sacred Success’ yet my guess is that you know the answer to your question yet want opinions from us to either justify or contradict your situation. I’m playing devils advocate here — is a powerful woman downplaying her power by asking for the agreement of friends? Is that just what we women do? Come to our own conclusions yet ask for friends opinions that will support the direction we’re moving?

    I don’t know for sure — just asking the question as an opportunity to cement my learnings from ‘Six Figure Women’. Love your work.


  • Interesting point you made. I never saw it as giving my power away. I just really wanted to hear other women address this issue. On one hand, I know I’m probably not alone. But sometimes, deep down, I wonder if I’m the only one who feels this way (about a lot of things). You know what I mean? I figure my blog is a great place for me to just be who I am, and maybe help others with what I’m learning.

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