Bye, Bye Surrender; Hello, Sacred Success™

I suspect my time spent in Surrender is drawing to a close.  I’m walking away with a whole new appreciation for down time and empty space.

But just recently, I’ve been sensing a shift.  My energy seems to be changing.

You know that light at the end of the tunnel I spoke about in Step # 6?  I think I’m there…standing in the light, not looking at it from afar.  The future is finally coming into focus.

I realize now, what I called Surrender was really Gestation. Despite feeling like  ‘nothing’ was happening,  I’ve actually been  quite ‘busy’ birthing a new body of work…which eventually will grow into my next book.

I call this new work Sacred Successthe next step after overcoming underearning. I stumbled upon Sacred Success while interviewing women who made millions.  But I really didn’t put all the pieces together until I surrendered.  Then, it was as if the pieces arranged themselves.

Just last week, like a proud mama, I took my new ‘baby’ out into the world.

I spoke at Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts (… my first speech in ages.  I told them all about Sacred Success.  The 200 women in the audience were transfixed.  It was like my soul was speaking directly to theirs.  And they were hungry for what I was saying.  Afterwards, I was deluged by those clamoring to hear more.

Now I’m chomping at the bit to share Sacred Success with even more women.  I desire to do it right here on this blog.  So invite your friends.

Discovering Sacred Success has changed my life.  It really has.  I believe it can change yours too.  I’d love you to read my upcoming blogs and let me know what you think.  I genuinely want your feedback.

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Comments & Feedback

  • Barbara,

    I read your newsletter and blog post last night before bed and they took my breath away. I want to hear more. I’m hungry to hear more! I didn’t sleep very well because I was so taken by the idea of sacred success. Please tell us more. Thanks. Kristina

  • Fallow seasons are such an important part of creating. Thanks for being so open with your experience, Barbara. And I’m eager to hear more about Sacred Success!

  • I love the title of your new book and look forward to reading more about its unfolding!

  • This has come at the right time for me!

    There are no coincidences, just the Universe reinforcing our intuition when our thoughts are in alignment with our hearts.

    I just gave a talk to an audience about uncovering our unique talent(s), developing them and sharing it with the world.

    It is then your spirit rejoices, you generate passive income from doing what you were meant to do on this earth, and the icing on the cake is a profound sense of personal fulfillment and peace.

  • Michelle

    Barbara, I’m 3/4ths of the way finished with your book, “Secrets of six-figure women” and am extremely interested in your next one. I do have one question, though. It seems like most of the women became self-employed, started their own consulting firms or began working with a partner (still owning their own business). Is this the primary way to six-figure living?

    • Actually, Michelle, about half the six figure women I interviewed were self employed, and the other half were employees. In fact, quite a few women couldn’t make much of a profit on their own, and didn’t become high earners until they went to work for a company.

      Now, with women who make millions, I found most were self employed…and those who weren’t (just under 1/3) had positions that carried a lot of independence, like the director of a division.

      Hope that helps!

  • Fiona Stolze

    Barbara, I love that your future is coming into focus and that you are standing in the light. As you say that I know you are a reflection of me and I find that exciting.

    I am so enjoying Overcoming Underearning and am looking forward to Sacred Success to follow. I’ll certainly be recommending your work to other women.

    Thank you for all the inspiration you share.

    Fiona Stolze
    Inspired Art and Living

  • Our Inspirational Book Club is still reveling in the power that Overcoming UnderEarning brings, so I can only imagine what metamorphosis comes with Sacred Success as the next step.

    Thank you Barbara for breaking the trail for us and with us!

    Laine D
    “Aspire to Inspire”

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