Beginner’s Guide to Surrender – The Final Steps

We’re coming to the end of the Beginners Guide to Surrender.  You’ve learned about:

#1-Eliminating all but the essential

#2—Allowing uncomfortable feelings to surface

#3—Reassessing, Reevaluating

#4—Receiving Consciously

And now (drum roll, please….) the final two steps.


Step #5—Enjoy yourself

Surrender doesn’t need to be so serious. In fact, it shouldn’t be. I believe fun factors heavily in healing. I set an intention to include lots of play and pampering into my schedule, to be vigilant for opportunities to nourish myself. My boyfriend moved in, and what a joy he’s been.  I have regular massages.  I work out religiously at the gym. I visited my kids and my grandkids. I made plans to go to Sedona with friends. I’m always looking for a good laugh or a big hug, whatever lights me up.

Step # 6: Do what comes next

I’m convinced, as I follow these steps, opportunities, often disguised as coincidences, will arise. In fact, I’m counting on that fact. My job is just to do what’s next, grabbing whatever the Universe tosses my way. I’m still in thick of surrender, but I swear, I see light at the end of the tunnel. I’m just not sure what I’ll find in that light.  But I trust it will be glorious! Not necessarily glitzy or grandiose. But deeply satisfying and truly meaningful.  Oh what a grand adventure life is!

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Comments & Feedback

  • Thank you so much for these series of blogs. I can totally relate to your feelings. I am so proud to be one of your licensees. Women love your workshops. Have you read, don’t know author.
    Distinctions between Surrender and Suffering to Life Events-
    1. Surrender is saying YES to life. Suffering is saying NO
    2. Surrender brings peace that passes understanding, Suffering is continued stress,frustration,confusion.
    3. Surrender flows with the river of life, Suffering tries to swim against the river.
    4. Surrender is the lessen, Suffering is the teacher. Victory is in the surrender, not the fight.

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