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Are You Wealthy?

Raise your hand if you feel wealthy. (I’m specifically talking about money here.) If not, how much do you need to feel wealthy?  Think about it.


One thing I know for sure, wealth is not an amount. It’s a mindset. I’ve met women worth over $10 million who don’t feel rich. I know many who have far less, like me, and consider themselves wealthy.


What we need is a universal definition of wealth. And here’s what I propose: wealth means you have more than enough. 


In other words, you know you’re wealthy when money ceases to be a source of stress and becomes a useful tool for creating the life of your dreams.


What would it take to make you feel wealthy? Leave a comment below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Bonnie Lacy

    I feel wealthy, even though I am not into six figures … or even four … from my writing–yet. My husband provides well, so I can pursue writing.

    But what really made me feel wealthy was last weekend, I hit a major snowdrift. I am okay, but my car is not. When I was towed, my back tailgate is damaged. $5,000 worth of damage. We have insurance, but there is always the deadly deductible! I have an emergency envelope and there is more than enough in there to pay that deductible.

    Hence, I feel rich!


    • barbara huson

      I LOVE your comment, Bonnie. Wealth doesn’t come from what you earn…it comes from what you save!!! You had more than you needed because you had savings. GREAT example! Thank you so much!

  • leslie Nadine Smith

    To me wealth, means, no bills pending, everything is paid, and I should be able to pay cash, for whatever I need. not having to worry about if I’m
    going to have the cash flow from month to month. I see myself there in about 4-5 years, it may happen sooner, depends on my way of thinking, hell if could happen within the next year.
    I’m Blessed by the hands of my GOD. AMEN

    • barbara huson

      That’s a wonderful description of wealth, Leslie. I’m sending prayers that you get there this year…why not??? I appreciate your comment.

  • Catharine Freeman

    Wealth to me will be the day I wake up and I know I don’t have to leave out the door to generate money by working a set number of hours.

    • barbara huson

      I like that definition, Catherine. I remember I once read a similar quote: “Rich is when you work because you want to, not because you have to.!”

  • Cara

    Wealthy, for me, is being able to do what I want — when I want to — without regard for the cost. Especially being able to just pick up and go somewhere if the desire or opportunity presents itself.

    However, more importantly, it’s being able to help a friend or family member with the means available to me without putting my own necessities (home, food, utilities, health) at risk .

  • Kat

    I feel wealthy because I can easily pay cash for what I want, can give amply to charity, help others as needed, We could retire (be financially independent) but like working. I feel blessed every day.

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