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And You Thought It was about Money!!!!

Once a woman achieves financial stability, no longer struggling to make ends meet, something within her dramatically changes…though she’s rarely aware it’s happening.

Her brain, no longer tasked with simply surviving, is ready to rewire itself.

She finds herself yearning for Greatness, no longer satisfied with mediocrity. 

She deeply desires to create wealth, not for its own sake, but for its original meaning—well-being. 

She strives for power, not to appease or dominate others, but to have dominion over herself.

She searches for significance, not by being the best or making the most, but by doing what God put her on earth to do.

Rewiring, however, requires tremendous effort. She must intentionally respond differently, not habitually, consciously choosing behaviors that permit her to thrive…rather than merely survive.

Yet, unless she’s vigilant, her old neural connections will keep recreating ‘not enough’. She’ll unwittingly remain rooted in the hard-wired neuropathway offering the least resistance (otherwise known as her comfort zone).

I truly believe when enough women understand how to rewire their brains by taking the path of most resistance, building their wealth and claiming their power, a global transformation will occur. 

We’ll have the values, visions, sensitivity and the resources needed to change this world, heal this planet.

This, I believe, is our essential legacy, our inherent destiny, our financial responsibility as women.

Tell me about the legacy you want to leave in the comments below.

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Comments & Feedback

  • Susan Kuhn

    I want to right a book about and develop a language for how to build thriving 21st century institutions. I want to center on the human thriving. I want to erase faulty 20th century ideas of what is possible and who is able to become great.

    • barbara huson

      This is gorgeous, Susan. I feel your passion in every word. You’re going to write this book…and please, let me know when it’s out. I want to buy a copy!!!

  • sara kiesel

    Barbara, I have almost finished Sacred Success, and it has helped me move past recent personal endings including leaving my work and marriage. I am ready to take my career in therapeutic dance for children to kids who are trauma victims. It is estimated that over 50% of American children are living with some kind of adverse childhood experiences.
    I love your approach because it includes the spiritual. I will continue to learn from you, as I venture into new territory in my life and work. I still have some re=wiring to do to realize, and KNOW, that I can create a consulting business that will be lucrative at this time in my life. Wish me luck!
    Thank you for what you do.

    • barbara huson

      I so appreciate you sharing your dream with me…it’s so moving. I’ve been studying how early trauma scars our brain and handicaps our progress. I love, LOVE that you’re working with kids to heal this. With your passion and clarity I have no doubt you will be successful….just take it in small, teeny-tiny steps. Please keep me posted. I’m really interested.

  • Dr Barbara Cox

    Love this article! I want to leave the legacy to my daughter and other women, that of knowing your inner worth is inherent and that a women’s creative power is immense. I was raised by a mom who was divorced and because of the social factors of that era, she was poverty stricken and we struggled with money and homelessness off and on. I vowed to never be that and put myself thru college and grad school, earning a PhD and working for nice stable gov’t jobs, always had a fear that I’d end up like her. The fear led me to get into real estate at age 24 and buy as many homes as I could as investments. I hope that the legacy of owning your power passes on to future generations of women.

  • barbara huson

    Wow, Barbara, you are an amazing woman. You used fear to motivate you…not stop you. What an inspiring story. Your legacy is powerful and your daughter is very lucky to have a mom like you!!! Thanks so much for sharing this!!!

  • Eileen

    Barbara, great article! Inspiring and insightful.
    I want to leave money behind and have my values honored. Yes, I want to support family and others in need.
    I also want to leave a Legacy of ridiculous fun. My early years were not fun so now I love making magic and mischief with the children in my life and would love to leave a Legacy of magic and mischief. Disneyland, dress up, wishes granted – that’s my desire. Thank you for allowing a space to share these dreams.

    • barbara huson

      I can’t think of a better legacy, Eileen, than leaving children with magic and mischief. I LOVE IT! Thank YOU for sharing this with me.

  • Vilma rosa

    I need to get over my fears of failures , I know I have potential with my thoughts and ideas but I’m afraid of failures and being left with nothing at my age I ve always wanted to buy a house for my family but I felt I couldn’t do it alone so I never did ,now I’m retired and still yearn to live in my own home my nest is empty but the desire is there , don’t know where to start I don’t have a lot of cash .

    • barbara huson

      I suggest you visit with a fee only financial planner and see what’s possible for you to cook up. You may be very surprised. Don’t give up on your dream without getting support from someone who can see what you may not be able to! And let me know what happens.

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