An Amazing Secret For Creating Abundance

image-sunflowers I made a fascinating discovery in my interviews with women who made millions.  They had a very high capacity to receive… in stark contrast to underearners!  That’s when I realized: There’s a direct correlation between our level of abundance and our ability to receive

…which got me thinking about my own ability to receive — something I’d never really given much thought to.

As a result, I started a “Receiving Journal”.  I actually conceived the idea of a Receiving Journal for the High Earner Intensive tele-seminar (which evolved into Sacred Success).  I assigned it as homework, and decided to try it myself.  OMG, what an eye-opener.

Keeping a Receiving Journal serves the same purpose as tracking your spending.  Both are consciousness raising tools.  But instead of increasing your awareness of money going out, a Receiving Journal forces you to face all the abundance flowing in.

As A Course of Miracles tells us: “Every day a thousand treasures come to me with every passing moment.”   The problem, however, is that the distractions of daily life keep us from noticing those treasures.  Ignoring treasures that flow in is, essentially, an act of pushing them away, of saying ‘no’ to abundance (whatever form it may take).

To fully access the power of a Receiving Journal, you have to understand this: everything that happens holds a gift for the receiver, regardless of whether you judge the event as ‘good’ or  ‘bad’.

Here’s how it works: in your Receiving Journal, write down everything you are given throughout the day:  from a word of praise to a kiss on the cheek, from a muscle spasm in your back to a reprimand from your boss.  The challenge, of course, is to find the treasure  in what may seem awful.  But even the good stuff can be challenging to accept.

For example:  I started noticing how often I’d gloss over expressions of praise or appreciation for my work, without really taking the words in and owning them fully.  So I started listing, in my journal, every compliment, every appreciative email I got.  And when I had a fight with my boyfriend, I actually stopped to figure out the gift (after my short bout with self pity) and discovered I was repeating a pattern that had messed up other relationships. That insight went in my journal too.

I love the impact this is having on my bottom line.  But even more, I’ve never felt so good about myself.  And as I learned from interviews with former underearners, the moment they began raising their self esteem, their income went up almost immediately.   Maybe that’s what a Receiving Journal is all about… not just expanding your ability to receive, but actually learning to love yourself, in a much bigger way. I’ll tell you this… it’s working!!!!


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  • Dorothy

    I love the idea of a receiving journal. Just brilliant! thank you for this great idea.

  • Great insight! I love the idea of focusing on what is coming to us and not just what is being spent!
    I am going to experiment with this exercise and will report back!

  • Is receiving the same thing as gratitude?

  • I never thought of creating an abundance journal, what a great concept!

    But I know that I often overlook those words of praise or other “abundance” moments. And I also overlook the “bad” moments as a way to learn a lesson in abundance.

    I’m going to try this for a couple of weeks and see what comes out of it.

  • Barbara W.

    This tool has been very powerful for me as well. It seemed like the moment I opened myself up to receive more, the Universe showered me with gifts, almost as if had been saving them up for me and saying, “Yay! We SO wanted to give you these before but you wouldn’t take them.”

    Now I notice how people around me brush off compliments and downplay their actions.

    Sometimes, when I receive something really big, my tendency was to emotionally shut down. But now I consciously open myself (for some reason wiggling my toes really helps) and just breathe and really stay present and receive. This has made my relationships deepen and my sense of self-worth expand.

    Great, great stuff, Barbara Stanny! Your work is enhancing my life.

  • Absolutely love the this idea Barbara! I am sure it will open the door to more abundance and a boost on the self-esteem chart. Thanks for all you do.

  • While I’m waiting for my Overcoming Undercaring book to come, I will start a Receiving Journal. Brilliant idea!! Thank you.

  • Wow, I just saw that I made a Freudian slip in my recent comment. Of course, I meant to write Overcoming Underearning book not Undercaring. Hmmm.

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