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All the Answers Aren’t ‘Out There’

I spent most of my adult life desperately trying to figure out finances. I dutifully went to classes, read books, talked to advisors. Nothing helped.

And then I began journaling about my experience. That’s when I had a realization that, I know now, began the rewiring process in my brain and I finally began to breakthrough my formidable blocks.

That realization led me to create a fundamentally different approach to empowering women financially—the approach I now call the Rewire Process.

I realized that traditional financial education focused almost exclusively on the practical facts. And in too many cases, it still does today.

But my experience taught me that when the facts don’t make sense and all of the practical knowledge makes no difference, the key may be hidden inside you.

As I wrote in my journal, I heard that familiar voice in my head telling me how stupid I was. But instead of letting that voice hold sway, as I always had, I decided to get to know it better. I asked the voice where it came from and what it wanted.

Memories from when I was young began bubbling up. Whenever I asked about money, my father just said, “Don’t worry,” and my mother would reply: “I don’t know. Ask your father.”

Naturally, I concluded that managing money was a man’s job and I, a girl, would botch things up badly if I tried to take charge.

As my beloved Course in Miracles pointed out, “If we seek something we’re afraid of, attainment of it won’t be what you really want.”

Suddenly my difficulties made sense. Deep down I didn’t really want to deal with money. My fear of loss was stronger than my desire to learn. Once I realized the source of my resistance, my struggle abated and life changed dramatically.

I have come to understand, so clearly, that when personal insight is coupled with financial understanding, a powerful alchemy occurs. Unproductive habits give way to enlightened choices.

What can you learn from that voice in your head? Tell me in the comments below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Sonya Walker Osei

    Thanks for the testimony. Its been a journey. Like you I love to write and journal. At first, it was just writing my thoughts and asking questions. Then I would have these burst of growth where I would journal and also answer myself in my writings. It was like going back and talking to yourself in time. I call it ” My journey through Writing.” It told me stories of who I use to be, all my hang ups and all of my sins, no one is able to leave that part out,( Free from sin)because we go through a spiritual death and rebirth. It can be very physical also. When I look in the mirror I would see all these different people coming and leaving from inside of me, but that’s another story. Through my journaling I was able to see where I was stuck and blocked when it came to money. Famous saying” Money is the root of all evil.” passed down from generation to generation. I was the one chosen to break the curses and I have. Now I am ready to let go and let the Money flow. Oh yeah and this time, I learned to love myself first and not to leave myself out while doing for everyone else. I matter. Thank you so much for allowing me to share on your platform

    • barbara huson

      Sonya, the process you used in journaling actually has a name. It’s called Voice Dialogue. And I love how you’ve used it for some powerful healing!! THank you so much for sharing it. What a fabulous post!

  • Brittany

    For me it’s the message of “I’m in control” when it comes to money. It was a pattern I saw between my parents and it showed me how money can be used as a form of abuse to those that feel money gives you power over someone. Once you become a slave to money it does not give you the right to enslave others. I struggle with this as I grow in my own financial power, I want to empower myself and others as my business grows and ensure that I will be my own “checks and balances” along the way. I want to grow the power within myself to not only be a force for good with my money, I also want to grow my confidence in knowing that if I choose a man to join me in life that he will not only NOT control me with his money, I will make sure I am intolerant of that idea so it WONT happen on either side of the equation. Money also creates limitations in many areas and the creative arena that I work and live in is best left limitless so new and fresh ideas can emerge, and a strong focus on just the money aspect puts limits on the creative space I need to grow my career. It’s a different and non-traditional world that I exist in and going between the finite and infinite requires a LOT of energy and is very exhausting. I’m doing my best to learn new things and find more sustainable ways to manage all the various aspects of my business so that not only will my bus I was flourish and thrive, I, as the sole-proprietor who wears all the hats will flourish and thrive as well. Inside the business AND outside. It’s a lot, and I’m doing my best. Thank you so much for being an inspiration and bringing “soul” into money! Your posts and book has given me a
    new way to view money, also to be a woman who can be in charge of it and also allow it to work for you. Riding the stock market ups and downs and being ok with it and not bailing must’ve been challenging and I try to remember your words and advice on that as I am challenged along my personal and professional journey to success.

  • barbara huson

    Whew! You ARE dealing with a lot. I so admire your courage and your determination to become the powerful and thriving woman you know you were born to be. You’ve obviously had had some unhealthy messages passed down to you about money…and power. I would love you to check out my new book Rewire for Wealth that I really think could help you reprogram your maladaptive experiences and beliefs. I KNOW you can do this. I KNOW you can flourish. I’m praying for you!

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