Adios Busyness—It’s Detox Time!!!!

Recently I wrote a blog about ATBSAddicted to Busyness Syndrome.  (What’s Keeping You From Greatness?)

If you’re a woman, you likely suffer from this syndrome.   But the prognosis is hopeful!

And here’s proof…from a successful, but harried real estate agent. She finally decided enough is enough and put herself through an ATBS Detox.

Admittedly, she says, “It’s been a hard habit to break.”  Yet look what’s happened in just a few weeks.

Her Detox was fairly simple…

  • “Instead of watching TV AND working at the same time, I am now (mostly) putting my laptop down.
  • “When I finish my work, instead of saying ‘What’s next?’ like I used to, I now just leave my desk.”
  • “I have managed to get in meditation time and more strategic thinking time, and some inspiration time.”

Her results were stunning….

  • “My desk is clear…”
  • “I feel like I am on top of everything…”
  • “Opportunities are popping up all over the place.”

For example….

  • “Someone asked me to help them renovate a property (the thing I really love)and get paid for it…”
  • “ I have been asked to contribute to a weekly magazine advice column.”
  • “ Opportunities to sell, buy, connect buyers and sellers are starting to pop up.”
  • “A really great side effect is that I am waking up each day having insights about my life. Now that I’m not so busy, my sleep/dreamspace is not so full and can be used for something else other than just processing my day to day stuff.”

I urge each of you to create your own Detox from Busyness.  I think you’ll find what this woman  did… hiding behind  all that frenetic activity are unseen opportunities, unlimited creativity,  untold peace,  and unbelievable freedom.

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Comments & Feedback

  • Barbara
    Can I ask that when you recognized ATB in yourself, was it (sub)consciously tied in with the “Approval by Achievement” syndrome.

    I notice women in particular having the need or feeling driven to accomplish a great deal. Hey, when you have two X chromosomes, you can multi task!
    But seriously, was it a compulsion to feel good about yourself. This was something I finally came to see in myself and have started to set time boundaries with respect to my career and life.

  • You are both so right on! Busyness is definitely an addiction to cover up all those feelings we don’t want to feel. Mine was definitely feeling unimportant…been with me since childhood. So not only didn’t I want to feel the pain of unimportance, but I needed to overcompensate by being overproductive. I fooled myself into thinking all the “important” (yeah, right!) stuff I was doing made me important.

    Yes, all this surfaced when I slowed down and was willing to feel my sense of worthlessness.

    Amazingly…what I’ve struggled with my whole life is still there, though definitely muted….but the celebration is that I don’t buy into it…it’s one of my many stories that I’m replacing with new ones.

    Makes for a much more peaceful life!!

    Love both your comments!

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