A Spiritual Approach to…Affluence?

Deepak Chopra once said, “We need a more spiritual approach to success and to affluence.”

I couldn’t agree more. I’m convinced that the moment you inject faith into finances, the instant you invite the Divine into your relationship with the ‘almighty dollar,’ your experience with money grows deeper, richer, more meaningful, and the results are truly profound.

A few years ago I even coined a word to better describe this: Metafiscal—that which blends financial know-how with metaphysical principles; a melding of the sacred and the mundane in regards to money.

You don’t have to be religious to be Metafiscal. I’m certainly not. But when you develop a deep sense of trust in the inexplicable forces of the Universe, everything changes.

Financial success becomes far more than a practical process. It turns into a transformational journey, a personal healing, a sacred initiation into your power, enabling to you to become all you’re meant to be and do what you’re put on this planet to do.

How do you think melding the sacred and the mundane in regards to money might serve you in this new year and new decade?

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Comments & Feedback

  • Maura Allard

    I think I would feel lighter…like a heaviness of worry would be removed.

    • barbara huson

      Thanks for your comment, Maura…I sincerely hope your able to make this shift in the new year. You really would feel much lighter!

  • Lisa

    Hi Barbara,

    I had to “meditate” deeply on the reason why I wanted to become a millionaire. I had to become clear on the “why”. The first word that came to mind was “funding”. I want to be able to fund everything I want in this lifetime.

    By the way, I purchased that book you recommended at the beginning of the year!

  • barbara huson

    That’s a beautiful ‘why’, Lisa. What book did I recommend?

  • Lisa

    Apologies Barbara, the book you recommended was “The Calling”.

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