5 Words Say it All…

I’m flipping through the Wall Street Journal, when 5 words practically slap me in the face. I’ve no idea what the article was about. But the phrase super-glued itself to my brain.

“The Survival of the Focused…”

Those 5 words sum up the Big Secret to mega financial success.

Those 5 words mark the major distinction between an Underearner and a High Earner.

Those 5 words capture the very essence of what it takes to achieve Greatness.

And for anyone who’s struggling to make ends meet, or live their dream, I say heed those 5 words.

I’m convinced these 5 words offer the key to not just surviving, but thriving, in this new economic paradigm.

This may sound weird, but I’ve always considered myself blessed with an unfair advantage. I’m only good at and enjoy doing 2 things: writing and teaching. Period! I understand why so many with far more skills than I often feel stymied.

Focusing can be very frustrating for the multi-faceted or multi-gifted. But if you want my advice–prioritize your passions. No matter how many interests, talents, opportunities, or possibilities are available to you, financial success will go to the focused.

Do you agree? I’d love to hear what you have to say. Please leave me a comment below!

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Comments & Feedback

  • Barbara W.

    I think you are on to something here, Barbara. I attended a conference with Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCCESS magazine and to make this the best year of your life he recommended focusing on three main goals. That’s it. Three.

  • Thanks for lending support to my theory, Barbara.

  • Myron

    Hi. Glad to be here. I am really just checking to see if I am logged in. Hope to gain a lot from this website and ‘program’.

  • Tsandi Crew

    You are right on the money, Barbara. When I’m focused, I’m not only successful, but happy. If I could just focus on what I do well, and not have to focus on what I do not do well (selling and marketing) I might be rich, too – if I could find someone else to focus on those two common items for me.

    • I hear you, Tsandi. I’m in the exact same boat. Getting help with marketing has been such a relief…and made a big difference in the bottom line. Here’s hoping you find just the right people!! Thanks so much for your comment!!!

  • Barbara,

    As usual your timing is always perfect for what is happening in my life. After 3 years of being scattered, I am finally realizing focus is the only thing holding me back. Some advice a million dollar woman gave me last week was “Set two wildly important goals, visualize yourself achieving those goals and take baby steps to get there.”

    Thanks as always Barbara.

  • Barbara,

    Yes you are definitely on to something – not only focus but intention.

    Thoroughly enjoying Overcoming Underearning and trying to hone in on my focus.

    Thank you
    Laine D

  • Brilliant advice from that woman, Brenda. I love the way she phrased it. Thanks for sharing…and letting me know my blog was helpful. Keep stopping by…love to have you here!

  • Mayra Green

    Barbara, you are the woman I want to model profesionally, as a Latin woman I fell the commitment to deliver this powerfull message to other women of my country.
    Thanks for all the power you inspire on me.
    Mayra from Mexico

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