The Anxiety Cure (It’s Not What You’d Expect)

Money + Anxiety  go together like a fifth of vodka and a hangover. An inevitable outcome unless you’re really careful.

Whether you don’t have enough or simply don’t know enough; whether you’re overspending or underearning; whether the market’s plunging or your debt is mounting…anxiety is unavoidable.

If you’re feeling anxious because of your finances (or anything else), what are you supposed to do? Live with the angst?

No, claims The Wall Street Journal. Try Sighing! Yes, you read the right. Let me hear an “AHHHHHHHH.”

A recent article, titled The Positive Power of a Good Sigh, reported that “Research shows that sighing intentionally and consciously can change how we feel for the better, generating positive emotions and reducing stress.”

But one simple sigh will not do the trick. Instead, try Cyclic Sighing. 

Cyclic Sighing works like this. Close your mouth. Inhale through your nose, followed by an even deeper inhale, then slowly exhale through your mouth,’ with an audible ‘ahhhh.’ Repeat for 5 minutes.

That’s it! Simple but extremely effective in reducing anxiety and regulating your nervous system so you start feeling better fast.

“People who practiced cyclic sighing every day for a month experienced reduced anxiety and increased positive emotions with better results than other relaxation techniques such as mindful meditation,” declared the article.

The article goes on to say that Cyclic Sighing also increases feelings of control and that has emotional benefits as well.

Imagine. Just 5 minutes of daily sighing and your anxiety fades away. Even after trying it for less than 5 minutes, I felt so much calmer, more relaxed.

How about you? If you try it, leave me a comment below and share your results.

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Comments & Feedback

  • Lisa

    Gave it a go! Was able to instantly wind down. My husband wondered what I was doing.

    Also like giving myself permission to space out in the bath tub and space out while commuting. I find having some lose daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plan and knowing what to say “yes” and “no” to keeps anxiety at bay.

    You’re right, nobody living in a modern world with responsibilities is immune from mild anxiety. I do remember my first and last real anxiety attack during my late 30’s ! Felt like I was having a heart attack and couldn’t breathe.

    Caused by getting laser focused on the false idea that if a certain fantastical idea didn’t work out, it would be my last chance and I would never come across another opportunity like this ever and life would be all downhill from there.

    Took me on a beautiful journey to learn about what happiness really is all about! It’s not about one thing! Barbara, so smart your parents gave you the principal of your trust fund after you turned 40, because l believe starts to make sense after 40!

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