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Financial Success: A Parable

There is an old fable about a wise King who pushed a big boulder into the middle of the busiest road in his kingdom. Everyone who walked by simply went around it. No one attempted to move it.

Then came a poor peasant, carrying a load of vegetables. He put down his load, walked over to the boulder and tried to push it aside. It wouldn’t budge. He strained and struggled until finally it moved. Slowly he pushed it to the side.

On the road where the boulder had been, he noticed a purse. He opened it up and saw it was filled with gold. There was a note tied to the purse: this is the reward to anyone who moves the boulder.

Moral: Every obstacle is an opportunity in disguise. The bigger the obstacle the greater the reward. 

Here’s my question to you:  What’s the boulder in your path? Share in the comments below.

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Comments & Feedback

  • Rhonda

    I love this story!
    Starting a new phase of life, I find that my boulders are huge and unexpected-fear rather than excitement; ‘ I don’t want to’ instead of let’s go! Despair of making it, discouragement before I begin instead of passion and enthusiasm!
    This is not who I believed myself to be—-but here I am!

    • Barbara huson

      Rhonda I know exactly what you mean. I went into a similar spiral of despair before I started writing my next book. But I used it. I dove deep into the despair and the fear…I stayed with it until I saw where it was coming from and what it needed from me. I spent days working with, exploring all the feelings surrounding it until I was able to release it. You can do this too. Rather than making yourself wrong for these feelings, embrace and explore them. Let me know how that works.

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