Overcoming Underearning

4-Week Course + Coaching

Discover the Secret to Earning What You’re Really Worth!

Underearning is NOT a life sentence!

In this Live 4-week course I’ll walk you through the steps that have helped thousands of women take charge of their finances AND their Lives!

Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, if you find yourself saying: “I wish I made more money, but….”, you are an Underearner.

An Underearner can make minimum wage or… six figures. That’s right. Underearning is not about how much you make. It’s a mindset.

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How do I know that this is possible for YOU? Because, I’ve been in your shoes. I spent most of my adult life as an underearner but it all began to change when I interviewed High Earners for my book Secrets of Six-Figure Woman.

I listened to their stories, started doing what they did, thinking like they thought. It wasn’t easy, it didn’t come naturally and it was often terrifying…but I was committed and, sure enough, I began to earn six-figures before I even finished the book!

In this 4-Week Live Overcoming Underearning Course + Coaching you will:

  • Get Committed—The 4 Requirements to being fully committed
  • Learn the importance of Telling the Truth
  • Deal with Resistance—it isn’t just an obstacle to overcome, it contains a motherlode of valuable information to help undo old programming
  • Stretch out of your Comfort Zone—success always lies just outside of your comfort zone
  • Learn to respect and appreciate money
  • Achieve financial independence

In Overcoming Underearning you will learn to change from the Under Earners game of “not to lose” to the High Earners game of “to win”. 

Through interactive exercises, guided visualizations and meditations, you’ll discover and explore the unconscious beliefs that are holding you back—beliefs you don’t even realize you have.

What’s Inside Overcoming Underearning 4-Week Course + Coaching:

  • 4 Content Sessions that cover the 5-Steps to Overcome Underearning
  • 4 Group Coaching Calls where you can ask me questions and get coaching on what’s coming up for you in the course
  • A private Overcoming Underearning group where you can interact with me and with others in the course
  • Homework for the 4 Content Sessions to help you internalize the lessons of Overcoming Underearning

Barbara Huson is an absolute rockstar and her course Overcoming Underearning turned me around, as well. She started it all :)” 

“Since taking Overcoming Underearning, I have developed my own business, met and married an amazing partner, and brought him on board with what I’m doing. Together, we are creating a multi-million dollar enterprise and there is growth every day. 
THANK YOU so much for what you have contributed to my life. Your message woke up a part of me I didn’t know was asleep. This part was exactly where I needed to empower myself in order to move forward in my life.”


“My adult life has been a laboratory of self help workshops, seminars and books. All have been profound in their own unique way, yet, Overcoming Underearning ripped me wide open on so many levels! I wish I had heard of this course before spending money on all the others. Completing the course left me with tools, tips, and a whole new respect for money…as well as myself. We completed the course last week, and I am still on the high from all I have learned. Barbara’s unique delivery is worth it’s weight in gold!” 

Lori Hepp

“I mentioned off hand to my boss (a financial advisor!) that I am taking Overcoming Underearning. He was very interested. We talked about it for an hour! At first he was skeptical. After we talked he was so impressed with the breadth of what is being presented, the holistic approach, how the class is affecting me and what I am learning that he asked me to do a write up about the class and my experiences for our upcoming newsletter to clients. AND. . he offered to pay half my tuition!


“Barbara Huson I am loving the balance between practical, tangible steps as well as the deeper soul searching elements of Overcoming Underearning. Slowly, the bad habits and false beliefs are being exposed—light is shining through, one crack at a time.”


“Overcoming Underearning has opened my eyes to the deep seated, often hidden notions about money and power that have held me back all my life, helping to change my perception of myself and my ability to create the life I envision.”

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